Shoptip Holland & Barrett Get 3 Pay 1

Since last Saturday, Holland & Barrett has its biggest discount of the year, get 3 pay 1. Until Sunday, January 8th 2017 more than 40 products can be combined during this 3 = 1 discount.

Shoptip Holland & Barrett.

Holland & Barrett 3 halen 1 betalen

I’ll show you some products which you can combine. These are products that I find interesting and would buy or have bought. For your ideal 3 = 1 combination, click on the banner or on the products below to view all products.

De Tuinen Aloë Vera DrinkDe Tuinen Aloe Vera Drink Cranberry

De Tuinen Aloë Vera Drink. A drink that is full of vitamins and minerals. Supports your digestion, revitalizes skin and boost your immune system. Also available in the Cranberry variant.  

Chia Zaad

holland & barrett gedroogde cranberrys

Holland & Barrett Omega Mix

These are three products that I like to add in the morning in my yogurt with muesli. Chia Seed is packed with fiber, protein, omega 3 and 6, iron, magnesium, vitamins and minerals. Eating Dried Cranberry’s reduces the risk of bladder infections, lowers blood pressure, contains fiber, vitamin C and E and strengthens your immune system. The Omega Mix I swap with the Chia Seed otherwise it’s too much. This mix namely also contains omega fatty acids and contains a combination of five different nutritious seeds.

Holland & Barrett Vitamine B-Complex + B12
Holland & Barrett IJzer + Vitamine C          

Finally some supplements. Holland & Barrett Vitamin B-Complex + B12 supports the metabolism, keeps skin healthy and helps with fatigue. Holland & Barrett Iron + Vitamin C supports your immune system and reduces fatigue. Iron is important for the red blood cells, vitamin C provides the uptake of iron in the body.

Good luck with this mega discount. XO Frieda.


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