Recipe salad with shrimps, blue cheese and bacon

When it was so hot outside the last few weeks, I often made this light meal as dinner. A salad is always refreshing during the warm summer months and this meal salad is full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. It is the perfect combination of flavors and is also delicious as lunch.

When you follow the Keto diet, you skip the soya beans and replace them by adding some more avocado, for example.

Recipe salad with shrimps, blue cheese and bacon.

Recept salade met garnalen, blauwe kaas en spek

The salad is easy to make because almost everything is cold. You only need to fry the shrimp in oil with 2 cloves of garlic. The bacon I bought pre-baked but you can of course also bake yourself.

What do you need (4 people):

  • 200 grams of iceberg lettuce
  • 225 grams of raw and peeled shrimps
  • 100 grams of bacon
  • 250 grams of cherry tomatoes
  • 2 ready-to-eat avocados
  • 100 grams roquefort
  • 200 grams of soybeans
  • 2 cloves of garlic

As a topping you can add a little oil with salt and pepper.

Variation tips;

  • Iceberg lettuce is crispy and fresh but you can also choose butter lettuce, possibly mixed with arugula.
  • I personally find roquefort the tastiest blue cheese, but you can also use gorgonzola, which is a bit milder.
  • If you prefer not to eat pork, replace the bacon with pieces of chicken or turkey.
  • And if you prefer to go completely vegetarian, replace the meat for a can of chickpeas.
  • Add some olives.
  • Add a hard boiled egg.

Enjoy your meal, XO.


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