How to bake a healthy cake

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Treat yourself to a nice piece of cake, without feeling guilty afterwards! Baking a healthy and tasty cake is much easier than you think. You replace your baking flour with almond flour, this is naturally gluten-free and has a creamy mild nut taste. This tasty addition to your cake is rich in healthy fats, proteins, dietary fiber and it contains vitamins B and E. In addition, almonds are a source of magnesium and other minerals. When you are on a diet, replacing flour with almond flour, for example, is recommended because it is low in carbohydrates. The healthy fats in almond flour have a beneficial effect on your cholesterol and your heart and blood vessels. This is how you bake a healthy cake.

Healthy cake

When you regularly bake a cake, you know that flour provides lightness. Almond flour provides a somewhat firmer end result. You can therefore choose to mix half of the almond flour with flour the first few times you experiment with almond flour. In this way you benefit from the qualities that both ingredients have to offer, the lightness of the flour and the rich taste of the almonds in the almond flour.

For athletes, almond flour is also a very good solution because it contains a lot of proteins and no carbohydrates. In addition to baking cake, almond flour is a versatile product that you can make many more delicious things with. This healthy flour, made from ground almonds, can also be used to make pancakes, (banana) bread, macarons, breakfast muffins, cakes and cookies.

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