Soestdijk Palace decor by De Maaltuin

Last week I was able to enjoy a unique catering experience in a spacious ambiance with a number of bloggers. The Royal Gardens of Soestdijk Palace are the new decor of De Maaltuin. In May and June you have the chance to discover the gardens of Soestdijk Palace in a unique way. From 19 May, pop-up catering experience De Maaltuin will take place here, a traveling restaurant that has been opening since 2016 in special places such as castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens. After a successful edition earlier this year in Trompenburg, De Maaltuin is now settling in the palace gardens of Soestdijk. Visitors are introduced to the hidden and special stories of the royal gardens in a culinary way. In addition to being treated to special dishes and matching drinks, visitors also get a taste of the contemporary art exhibition Voorlopers. De Maaltuin promises to be a wonderful evening out with long dining tables in the greenhouses on the estate, art, spoken word and a silent disco; a stimulating and inspiring experience at a special location.

Unique catering experience in Royal Gardens
Paleis Soestdijk

Paleis Soestdijk

De Maaltuin

De Maaltuin introduces visitors to special locations in a unique and culinary way. During the edition in the greenhouses of Soestdijk Palace, visitors are taken on a tour of the royal environment and learn more about the past, present and future of the palace and the gardens. From the gate of the palace you walk through the palace gardens along the water tower, the platform and along the pond while you get to know the special stories of the location through a podcast, art and creative expressions. Eventually you arrive at the greenhouses of Paleis Soestdijk where everyone takes a seat at long dining tables and enjoy a delicious, specially composed 5-course dinner. The chef was inspired for the menu by the art exhibition Forerunners, seasonal ingredients and the special architecture of the palace. The dishes are accompanied by a matching drink arrangement of wines and mocktails. Every evening the visitors are surprised with a silent disco experience and spoken word, with which the stories about Soestdijk are told.

De Maaltuin

De Maaltuin

De Maaltuin

Gardens of Soestdijk Palace

Since 1650, Soestdijk Palace has been inhabited, renovated and renovated by stadtholders, counts and queens. That may sound old-fashioned, but nothing is as it seems. The palace was always ahead of its time. New inventions, innovations and technologies have always been part of the estate. The gardens of the palace also got a new appearance in the 19th century. With this new design, Soestdijk Palace broke the tradition of the previous austere and very courteous French garden styles. The gardens were given winding paths, whimsical water features and had to look as organic as possible. Though regarded as very rural, it was also innovative and the gardens were seen as ‘a harbinger of the revolution’, or rather ‘the expression of a freer mindset’.

Voorlopers exhibition

The traditions are continued with the future plans for Soestdijk Palace. From 2025, the beautiful palace and its expansive estate will become an independent stage for the very best and latest innovations of the Dutch manufacturing and knowledge industry. This makes Soestdijk Palace the place where inspiration, nature, culture and innovation come together. During De Maaltuin you get an artistic and culinary foretaste of this through the Voorlopers art exhibition, in which the palace gardens are full of special contemporary art. Fifteen Dutch artists who are innovative and visionary, who do not shy away from experimentation and surprise, are pushing the boundaries with bio-design, video art and robotics.

About De Maaltuin

De Maaltuin

De Maaltuin

De Maaltuin introduces visitors to special locations in a unique way. Through a delicious dinner, dishes with a story and live music you experience and discover the special and hidden story of the location. Each edition of De Maaltuin is unique and remains a surprising experience that you can visit again and again. In addition to Paleis Soestdijk, the Maaltuin can be found from 9 June at Soesterberg Air Base, from 16 June at the Maritime Museum, from 4 August at Muiderslot and from 11 August at Trompenburg.

Upcoming editions

  • Soestdijk Palace May 19 – June 12
  • Soesterberg Air Base June 9 – July 10
  • Maritime Museum June 16 – July 17
  • Muiderslot 4 August – 4 September
  • Trompenburg Gardens 11 August – 11 September

About Paleis Soestdijk

Soestdijk Palace is at the start of a new phase in its more than 350-year existence. The estate will be thoroughly restored in the coming years and prepared for a new destination. The new Soestdijk Palace will open in 2025 | Made By Holland: an inspiring platform, podium and landing place for innovative and enterprising Netherlands. With temporary exhibitions, lectures, conferences and an educational offer, the Dutch solutions for global challenges will soon be presented to the public. More info:

More information about De Maaltuin

Tickets: tickets

Dates: May 19 to June 12

Time: from 6:00 PM to +/- 10:00 PM

Ticket price: €84.95



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