Variations salad with chicken

Now that the weather is warmer outside, it is wonderful to put a salad on the table for dinner. A salad as a complete meal with healthy ingredients and important nutrients. You can vary endlessly with a salad, make it colorful and eat the salad cold, lukewarm or warm. In this article you will find different variations salad with chicken.

Pasta salad

Did you know that your gut benefits from eating a cold pasta? When you let the cooked pasta cool completely, the starch changes its structure. The bacteria in your gut love this starchy structure and convert it into healthy nutrients.

This light meal is especially tasty for lunch in the summer. This pasta salad with chicken is served cold and has a delicious honey-mustard dressing. This colorful pasta salad also looks delicious. My kids love pesto and pine nuts and I love tomatoes with mozzarella, this salad has it all.

Quinoa salad

Instead of pasta, it is also nice to use quinoa in your salad. Also check out this fresh quinoa salad with carrot and smoked chicken. Quinoa is usually prepared as a grain, but actually this whole protein family of beetroot and the spinach plant, the seed is what we eat.

BBQ salad

Now that it’s summer, we like to grab the bbq, a salad with chicken from the bbq is made in no time. Roast the chicken on the BBQ and then cut it into pieces to add to the salad. Use mixed lettuce with the necessary vegetables and finish with a bbq sauce.

Fast on the table

With a salad you quickly put a healthy and well-filled meal on the table. With just a few basic ingredients such as tomato, onion, corn, cucumber, avocado and a protein such as chicken, you have a very tasty dish.

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