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Drop is of course very Dutch, but drop with a chocolate coating is even a surprise for us Dutch. Venco has been translating its passion for drop into an extensive range of the tastiest licorice for over 40 years. Venco is now going out of the box and introducing a unique taste sensation, Venco drop in the heart and a thick layer of Belgian chocolate on top: Choco D’rop! Venco Choco D’rop is available in no less than five different flavors, the ultimate indulgence in a surprising chocolate coating



Venco understands the craving for drop. Gerrit van Voornveld mixed drop, gum arabic, spices and sugar with love and passion from 1878 until he discovered the best recipe for his pure Dutch drop. Now, more than 140 years later, the typically Dutch Venco drop is still the core of the latest innovation, Choco D’rop.


The heart of drop is covered with a thick layer of quality chocolate (Rainforest Alliance certified) and a tasty topping for extra variety. A surprising, delicious newfangled taste experience for those who fancy the real indulgence of chocolate and at the same time love the taste of drop. A new taste experience but still deliciously Dutch on the inside.

It is a feast for the taste buds and available in five flavors: Choco-D-rop-Melk

Choco D’rop MilkChoco-D-rop-Puur

Choco D’rop PureChoco-D-rop-Wit-Salmiak

Choco D’rop White SalmiakChoco-D-rop-Melk-Anijs

Choco D’rop Milk AniseChoco-D-rop-Puur-Zout

Choco D’rop Pure Salt

With the stylish packaging, Choco D’rop gives a golden edge to every pampered moment! Venco Choco D’rop has been available at major supermarket chains since last month. RRP € 2,99 (pot 146 gram).

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