2 new must-haves from Intuition by Wilkinson

We are all enjoying the summer and the lovely warm weather. Personally, I can’t get enough of it and summer is officially my favorite month of the year. Maybe you have already been on holiday or you are still away, in any case you want to be bikini-proof. That means shaving those legs, bikini line and armpits. Unfortunately, this can cause red bumps and irritations for many women. With the 2 new must-haves from Intuition by Wilkinson, this is a thing of the past. Last spring, Wilkinson introduced the Intuition Complete Bikini and the Intuition Sensitive Touch, both of which have been specially developed for women and the sensitive areas that are normally difficult to reach.

Intuition Complete Bikini

Intuition Complete Bikini

This unique tool is the must-have for your bikini line. The Intuition Complete Bikini is unique because this tool can be used on both sides, each with a different purpose. On one side is the waterproof trimmer, which has four positions and is ideal for trimming your pubic hair. You can use the trimmer safely and accurately in the shower and because the tool is narrow, you can easily reach the hard-to-reach places. You can shave your bikini line quickly and accurately with the other side, where you will find a shaving system with five blades. Thanks to the skin-friendly gel, which is integrated into the razor, you get a velvety soft skin and you do not have to worry about red bumps and irritations after shaving the intimate parts.

Intuition Sensitive Touch

Intuition Sensitive Touch

My favorite because it quickly gives you smooth skin, the new Intuition Sensitive Touch. This new shaving system has 3 blades and a unique water-active gel. This ensures that you can shave silky smooth, without irritation in the sensitive areas such as under your arms and your bikini line. The water-active gel around the blades ensures that the shaving system glides smoothly over your skin. Thanks to its beautiful look, the Intuition Sensitive Touch also looks good in your bathroom. A shaving system that lasts a long time, has a beautiful design and prepares you for the summer without irritation. A must have for every woman!

In addition to the new Intuition Complete Bikini and Intuition Sensitive Touch, the brand has even more shaving systems for every woman. Do you think it is important to optimally hydrate your skin? Then choose the Intuition Complete. Thanks to the moisturizing Skin-Protect-Gel, the blade glides easily over your skin and prevents skin irritations. The 5 blades provide an intensely smooth result. Prefer a shaving system with (VEGAN!) shaving cream in one? Then the Intuition 2-in-1 Sensitive Care is for you: a shaving system that both shaves and foams, so you no longer need a separate shaving gel, shaving foam or shower gel. All products also have a new look. This packaging is recyclable and plastic free. Also good for the environment!


RRP Intuition Sensitive Touch         : € 9,99 

RRP Intuition Complete Bikini         : € 18,99 

Website https://www.wilkinsonsword.nl/

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.


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