The Fall Winter Make-Up Trends 2017

Bye Bye (rainy) summer, fall is already around the corner. Each season there are new makeup trends and the upcoming fall / winter season is one that every makeup lover goes crazy for.

The Fall Winter Make-Up Trends 2017.

Oversized eyelashes. MAC Lashes

The biggest trend to follow this season, eyelashes a la Twiggy. Long false eyelashes, also on your lower eyelashes. The MAC Lashes give mega full and long eyelashes. These false eyelashes are handmade and can be formed every time according to how you like them best. If you are gentle with your eyelashes you can use them up to 10x. For your lower eyelashes you can use the MAC 30 Lashes, these are loose pieces of eyelashes so you decide how much volume you want on your lower eyelash. 

Rock Star Make-up Look.

Dior Double Rouge Lipstick

A lot of black around the eyes that may even be smudged for a true rock star look. But also striking lips, like the new Dior Double Rouge Lipstick in the color Poison Purple. This new lipstick features 2 makeup trends in 1, matte and metallic. A matte lip contour with a metallic shine in the middle of your lips for the perfect umbré look.

Blue Make-up. Clinique Quickliner for eyes

Blue mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. Blue is a color that looks beautiful on everyone and it makes your eyes look brighter. The Clinique Quickliner For Eyes in the color Blue Grey is a very beautiful blue color. This eyeliner honors its name and is quick and easy to use. At the tip of the eyeliner there is a smudge tool to make the eyeliner even smoother, making it a perfect base for blue eye makeup.

Peach Make-up. Clarins Blush Prodige

This time no dark colors in the cold months but a fresh hue. Peach shades make your face soft and give you a fresh look like you’ve walked for hours in the woods or along the beach. The Clarins Blush Prodige in Soft Peach is such a beautiful soft blush. The blush gives color and shine to give your skin a healthy glow. Soft Peach is really beautiful with every skin color. 

The minimal make-up look.

MAC Next To Nothing

A natural skin, nude lip and little eye makeup. This requires a great looking skin you would think but luckily MAC Cosmetics also has a solution for the problem skin. MAC Next To Nothing is a tinted moisturizing cream with nutritional ingredients. This cream is very light in texture and is perfect for a natural smooth complexion. You can wear it alone or over your coverage foundation to make this look more natural. So even if you have a slightly difficult skin, you can take this minimal and natural look.

What do you think is the most beautiful makeup trend for the coming season? Let me know, XO Frieda.


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