Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist

There is a new product out from my favorite skincare brand, Alpha-H. A Vitamin Mist specially designed to protect your skin from all invisible, but harmful, radiation and dust particles. This mist is just as important as SPF, perhaps even more important according to research.

Blue light.

You’ve probably used a lot of sunscreen in the last summer months to prevent harmful UV rays, but it turns out that our skin is also getting enough to endure indoors at home and at the office. Indoors we are continuously exposed to harmful radiation from our smartphone, tablet and display. The blue light of all these devices, also called HEV light (high energy visible), is like UVA and UVB rays, part of the sun’s light spectrum. Research has shown that the HEV light penetrates even more deeply into the skin than UV rays, once arrived in the skin, it causes collagen degradation and increases pigment spots. Blue light breaks off 21% of the amount of vitamin A in the skin within 8 minutes.

Air pollution.

Then there’s another problem, air pollution. Here too your skin is continuously exposed, it has long been known that there’s a direct connection between air pollution and skin aging. These harmful dust particles, think of soot and exhaust gases, hit the skin, affecting the barrier function and cause damage.

Besides air pollution, I think most of us are exposed to blue light for quite a few hours a day. Unfortunately for you and me it appears that 4 hours of blue light is even more harmful than sitting in the sun for one hour unprotected. For these problems, Alpha-H has developed a product.

Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist.

Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist

The Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist contains 3 innovative ingredients that block and neutralize light and air pollution in a natural, but highly effective way. All this is supplemented with a vitamin complex, I’ll show you all the key ingredients.

  • Moringa Seed Extract. These seeds are extremely cleansing and contain a protein that binds bacteria. In addition, Moringa is rich in zeatine, a plant hormone that has been shown to slow the aging of the skin. Moringa contains a thousand times more zeatine than any other plant or tree. It’s the most nutritious plant we have known to date and contains more than 90 different nutrients, including 46 different antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory substances. It stimulates cell division and prevents construction of harmful molecules.
  • Pollushield™. A polymer that’s capable of bonding and removing heavy metals. Also neutralizes the free radicals and puts a thin shield on the skin so that soot and exhaust gases don’t come into contact with the skin. Pollushield ™ helps prevent toxic substances from accumulating in the skin, removing the contaminants already present and neutralizing already caused damage. In addition, it’ s clinically demonstrated that it protects the skin for 6 hours with 74% to 97% for the polluting substances present in the air. 
  • Cureberry. This is an extract of blueberry leaves. It stimulates the skin’s own production of glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant. In addition, it has an inhibitory effect on blue-light free radicals. Also, it inhibits the production of enzymes that break down collagen and elastin.
  • Vitamin ABCDE Complex. All of these vitamins are rich in antioxidants and each has their own additional positive effect on the skin. Vitamin A inhibits the aging process and sebum production, Vitamin B moisturizes and enhances the resistance of the skin, Vitamin C stimulates reduce the production of collagen and helps with pigmentation and scars, Vitamin D helps to alleviate a dry and damaged skin, and Vitamin E supports the hydration and skin repair.

In addition, the Daily Essential Mist is supplemented with soothing and hydrating substances such as aloe vera, lavender, witch hazel, orange extract and geranium oil.

How to use.

Shake well before use and hold about 20cm of your face, neck and decolleté. Use the spray after cleaning your face and before applying a serum or cream. During the day you can use the spray over your moisturizer and makeup. Close eyes during use.

Conclusion.Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist

The spray has a nice mist and a cooling effect. My skin starts tinkling for a few seconds and gets a great boost. You really wake up in the morning! Also, the spray works well over your makeup because it fixes your makeup as a setting spray. This reduces the powder effect of your skin and makes your foundation more natural. The spray is very handy and draws quickly. It gives my skin a true boost, my skin looks calm, is nourished and has a healthy shine.

The spray protects your skin everywhere, inside the house when you are behind the computer or smartphone and as soon as you step out of the door. It’s a spay that you can use all year long, soothes and nourishes the skin that has had to many hours of sun, and in the winter it hydrates and protects your skin against the drying effect of the central heating. Not to mention, it’s also an ideal product while flying. In a plane it’s swarming with bacteria in the air from the closed circulation system and your skin dries out quickly in the plane.

Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist is available at Cult Beauty.

This blog post contains products that I received.


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