Castor oil for your eyelashes

Full and long lashes, all women want that. For a long time I used an eyelash serum every day, something that really works. Your eyelashes no longer fall out and remain long and full. Since the Kruidvat eyelash serum (a Dutch retail) has fallen into disrepute, that it may cause discolouration of your iris, I’ve stopped it straight away. I’ve never used the Kruidvat eyelash serum, according to others this serum worked perfectly and you did get long and full eyelashes. The Kruidvat eyelash serum was much cheaper than the variants I used. The Nanolash and Aphro Celina Eyelash are not proven “bad” for your eyes, but I’ve stopped using them anyway.

Because I had read a few times that the use of Castor Oil on your eyelashes would have the same effect, I started to try this safe version.

Castor oil for your eyelashes.Castor olie voor je wimpers

Castor oil is quite effective in growing full and long lashes. It consists of vitamin E, minerals, proteins and antibacterial properties. It contains a high percentage of fatty acids that nourish and strengthen the lashes. The oil moisturizes your lashes and the skin making it easier to let the lashes grow. The hair follicles easily absorb the oil, it’s very important that the skin tissue around the eyes remains strong so that the hair follicles of the lashes stay in place.

How to use.

  • Use the oil only in the evening before you go to sleep.
  • Cleanse your face and apply your night cream or serum.
  • Dip a cotton swab (or old mascara brush) into the bottle of the Castor Oil.
  • Apply the oil to your eyelashes and lash line using the cotton swab (possibly also your eyebrows).
  • Thoroughly clean your face and eyes in the morning.
  • Repeat this every day.

It’s important to do this every day. The result will only become visible after a few weeks.


It didn’t take me a couple of weeks before I saw results because I faithfully used an eyelash serum every day. My eyelashes have remained in the same condition thanks to the Castor oil as during the use of an eyelash serum. As far as I’m concerned it works just fine and I eventually prefer to apply Castor oil on my lashes than a serum.

You have Castor oil of different brands, important is that the oil is 100% cold pressed. I use the Castor oil of Holland and Barrett  Now 1 + 1 free!

It seems that the Jamaican black castor oil work even more effectively. Worth trying.


XO, Frieda


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