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If you have a webshop and you sell products online, it is important that the entire process of order processing runs smoothly. Boost your eCommerce brand. The online world is growing fast, not only do consumers buy a lot of purchases online, but companies are also increasingly looking for the convenience of online shopping. There are many advantages to online shopping, no opening hours that you have to take into account, choice from a large range, all information is available, fast delivery and often the choice to pay afterwards.

But how do you ensure that the order processing at your own webshop runs as smoothly as possible? Below you will find a number of useful articles for every challenge and the right logistics solution.

Packing material

Everything you sell has to be transported to the customer and good packaging is important. Think of various cardboard boxes, mailing bags and envelopes. Because we think more and more about our planet, it is nice if the cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. In addition, it is good to look for padding to protect the products in the box, such as padding paper and foam.


Pallets are an easy way to safely transport cargo from A to B all over the world. You can choose from pallets made of used wood or new plastic pallets. The best-known pallet is the euro pallet, which can be recognized by the branding on the wood.

Warehouse items

If you have already grown to have a warehouse for your stock, it must be professional and organized. Think of warehouse items such as racks, with which you can work at height, and storage bins so that you can store individual products, do not forget the labels so that it is clear what is in the bin. A packing table is also indispensable, you can compose it according to your own wishes and can be built up modularly. Depending on the size of your warehouse, you may need to take it a step further, such as a hand truck or an electric pallet truck.

Office supplies

You want to plan and organise, print and store, but coffee and tea are also important. Of course you do a lot on the computer or laptop, but writing notes is still something that works effectively, a writing pad or post-it is a must. When storing important papers, use binders, so that you can store everything in an organized manner.

Office machines

When sending mail and parcels, it is useful to have a label printer. In addition, office machines include a printer, scanner, paper shredder and calculator.

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