The truth about injectables

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Ever thought about an injectable treatment? By this I mean fillers and botox, actually all treatments with products that are introduced into your skin with a needle.

I myself sometimes think about it. Now that I’m getting older I’m bothered by a wrinkle next to my mouth and the corners of my mouth may be lifted. But I’m scared to death that it will look unnatural. This is probably the reason that many people have doubts, you want to achieve the most natural result and not end up with a tight “poker face” or “duck lip”.


The right cosmetic doctor will always say, much less is more. With too much you can even look older.

It’s good to know that permanent fillers haven’t been permitted since 2015, so natural and soluble fillers will always be used. Natural fillers contain skin-specific substances such as hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in our body. Hyaluronic acid makes your skin elastic and gives firmness.


What exactly is the difference between a filler and botox? Botox is a protein obtained from nature that is used to temporarily relax the muscles. Botox immediately blocks the “tightening signal” between the nerves and the muscles in the skin. As a result, the muscles in the skin can no longer be (fully) contracted. The functioning of the muscles decreases or comes to a standstill. When Botox is done correctly, you can still smile and frown.

Botox can also block the functioning of nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. This prevents these glands from producing sweat in, for example, the armpits. Botox can also be used against teeth grinding and migraine. One of the possible causes for migraine is involuntary tightening of muscles in the face.

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are suitable to give volume and to fill in wrinkles. Where botox relaxes muscles, a filler temporarily fills in a wrinkle or frown. A filler is ideal for fine wrinkles around your mouth, bags and lips. These can be filled very thinly with a filler.

Fillers are also used to repair the contours in your face. Cheekbones seem to be more present again, which gives a youthful appearance. With contour repair, cheeks, nose lip fold, corners of the mouth and jawline are also often addressed.

How long fun?

The treatments are of course quite expensive and you want to know how long the result stays visible. With Botox that is on average 3 to 6 months. The more you use Botox, the longer the time between treatments. With a filler, the effect lasts a little longer, on average one year. There is therefore a somewhat more expensive price tag attached to this.

Fillers with own fat

In addition to Botox or a filler, you can also choose to reduce your face volume with your own fat. The result is permanent and completely safe because you work with a body-specific substance.

For more information about the possibilities of injectables and prices you can go to Kliniek Veldhoven.

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