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A while ago I received a message via Instagram from a colleague blogger, if I wanted to test the skin care of the brand Alissi Brontë. We went through what my skin needs and as a result of that I received 3 products. That immediately made me happy. Beautiful packaging and packed with Hyaluronic Acid. I didn’t know this luxury skincare brand yet, it’s available at various salons.

This summer I hit the 42, the most important for me is that skincare is anti-aging and gives a lot of hydration. After having several skin scans, it appears that my skin is quite dehydrated. In February I spent 3 weeks in Florida and the Caribbean with my family, which meant a lot of sun, sea and chlorinated water. Not exactly ingredients that make your skin happy and certainly not for my dehydrated skin. Two products came along in the suitcase, the third product I was received later.

Alissi Brontë

Alissi Brontë is a prestigious, high-quality and scientific cosmetic with natural, organic and ecological ingredients. In addition, 100% guaranteed not tested on animals! All products contain essential oils and plant extracts. Alissi Brontë is pure natural cosmetics without additives such as: mineral oils, paraffin, parabens and preservatives. About 90% of the products are “vegan proof”.

The products

Alissi Brontë Purissimo Look Younger Hyaluronic Acid

Alissi Brontë Purissimo Look Younger

This serum, with 93% Hyaluronic Acid, saved my skin during the holidays and I put it on every night before bed. Now that I’m back at home, I also use it during the day, because it’s an ideal serum for under your make-up. It absorbs quickly and appears to plump up your skin. It’s a serum that you wear under your day and night care.

Hyaluronic Acid

Due to the method and the process, the hyaluronic acid in this serum has a very low molecular weight, which ensures that it penetrates perfectly into the skin. It provides support, flexibility and elasticity to the skin. Its main function is to retain water in the cells, which intensely hydrates the skin and gives it more volume. Because the molecules suck and swell full of water, wrinkles are pushed upwards and thus fill up. In addition, hyaluronic acid also serves as a means of transport. It ensures that other active ingredients are absorbed by the skin faster and deeper.

Alissi Brontë Purissimo Diamond Hyaluronic Acid

Alissi Brontë Purissimo Diamond

New from Alissi Brontë is the Diamond variant. Also contains 93% Hyaluronic Acid but with Diamond powder as an extra ingredient. It gives maximum volume to the skin, softening wrinkles and fine lines. I started using this serum after my vacation.

Diamond powder

Improves skin tone and texture. The serum has a revitalizing effect and the fine diamond powder gives the skin a subtle shimmer. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles also visually disappear. It prevents skin aging and restores the softness and freshness of the skin.


Alissi Brontë Diamond Gold Pearl 

Alissi Brontë Diamond Gold Pearl

The showpiece of Alisse Brontë. This luxurious anti-aging cream is suitable as a day and night cream and contains 24 carat gold, diamond and pearl powder. I mainly used this rich and creamy cream for the night during the holidays. After the Look Younger Hyaluronic Acid serum, to repair all damage a bit. The sophisticated composition of amino acids, a vitamin complex, silk and shea butter result in optimal cell regeneration that gives the skin an energy boost. The face relaxes for a subtle botox effect, the skin lightens and looks more even and younger.

The Alissi Brontë brand is available at the webshop Attirance.

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.




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