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A pet gives a lot of pleasure and love, but also brings with it the necessary responsibility. The care for animals is becoming more and more professional, but it can also cost a lot of money. There are often doubts about insuring a pet because, for example, it is never sick, until an accident happens or your pet suddenly becomes ill. Then the costs can rise considerably. Everyone wants the best for their pet and by insuring the animal you will not be faced with any surprises. FIGO Pet Insurance is the health insurance for your best friend. An insurance for your pet(s) that is clear and simple, but that also fits your everyday wishes and lifestyle.


FIGO is not only designed for pets, but also for their owners. Your best friend will receive the care he deserves and you as the owner will not be faced with unpleasant financial surprises. FIGO’s core values are simple, transparent and flexible. FIGO was born out of passion, with a love for animals and founded by pet owners who couldn’t find pet insurance that fits their different lifestyles.


I myself have a dog and a cat, especially a dog is a large part of a family. It is the most loyal pet there is. But what does a dog cost on average? In terms of nutrition, you quickly go towards the hundred euros per month. You have to think of another thousand euros per year for vaccinations, fleas, deworming and other medication. But also shelter when you go on vacation and the trimmer about twice a year. When you buy a dog or get it from the shelter, you don’t immediately think about diseases or other nasty things that can happen to your dog. You hope for a healthy and long life, but unfortunately that is not always the reality.

I now have my third Bernese Mountain Dog, the previous two both died of cancer, unfortunately something that is common in this breed. When you take your animal to the vet, you want the best care at that time, but that comes at a price. How nice is it when you have taken out dog insurance so that you can give your dog all the care without having to think about the bill. Cancer treatment is also something that you can include in your customized insurance policy. You can also think of dental treatments and the necessary medical treatments such as castration and sterilization.

Calculate your premium

You can have your premium calculated on the FIGO website. Via a step-by-step plan you indicate what kind of pet it is, possibly what breed and date of birth. You then decide for yourself how much reimbursement percentage you want to receive per invoice. And no worries, FIGO believes that animals of all ages are entitled to affordable care.

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