The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil is actually indispensable in your medicine cabinet or bathroom because it can be used for multiple purposesthere are entire care lines whit Tea Tree Oil in it, for instance the Tea Tree Oil line from the Body Shop. This blogpost isn’t about a care line with Tea Tree Oil in it but about 100% pure Tea Tree Oil and the many benefits of this natural oil.

What’s Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is a yellow-green oil extracted from the needles of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree, the oil has been popular in Australia for a long time and is ever discovered by the first inhabitants of the land, the Aborigines. Tea Tree Oil contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients and is not intended to take intherefore look out with (small) children and dogs and cats at home, store it where they can’t reach it. For the following benefits it’s intended that you use 100% Tea Tree Oil and not a product that has Tea Tree Oil in it. 

The benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

 The benefits of Tea Tree Oil

  • It has an anti-bacterial effect which makes it extremely suitable for the treatment of pimplesIt dries out your pimples but due to the softening properties it doesn’t damaged your skin, a small amount is enough to disinfect the pimple and to unblock the sebaceous glandsPut a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on a cotton swab and apply it on your pimple (on a clean skin of course) and let it sit all night. You will see that the pimple has been considerably reduced and that the swelling has decreased.
  • Due to the purifying, cleansing and healing properties Tea Tree Oil is also very suitable for treating cuts, scrapes and insect bites. Despite the strong smell the oil doesn’t sting but disinfect the wound and supports skin repair. Put a few drops on a cotton swab or pad and apply it to the desired location.
  •  Colds? Take a warm bath with some drops of Tea Tree Oil, it helps a stuffy nose and opens the airways. A nice side effect; this bath helps also if you suffer from pimples on your back or upper arms, or if you are suffering from another form of skin rash.
  • To proceed with a warm bath, put about 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil in warm water when you are suffering from a bladder infection, itching from below or hemorrhoids. It helps promote the healing.   
  • For the mothers among us; is there head lice on your child’s school? Put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil through the shampoo of your child, the smell of Tea Tree Oil is a scent that lice hate and at the same time it strengthens the hair and scalp. The smell of the oil is very strong but you don’t have to worry that your child will smell all day of the oil, it will fade to a large extent and what remains is freshly scented hair.
  • Use Tea Tree Oil as a fresh flavor for your home. Put some oil in a fragrance burner or if you have a humidifier to your radiator put some in there. It gives a fresh scent in the house and at the same time it will keep the insects away.  
  •  Do you suffer from fungal nails or even athlete’s foot, take a foot bath and put about eight drops of Tea Tree Oil in it, this also works very well against foot odor.
  • Do you have inflamed gums or ulcers in your mouth? Then add a few drops in a glass of water and rinse your mouth or gorgel, noting however that you absolutely don’t swallow. It disinfects your mouth and heal the ulcers faster

When you look at all the benefits of the Tea Tree Oil it may be called a small miracle cure. Tea Tree Oil is for sale by different brands, if you want to buy 100pure oil you should make sure that the bottle is of dark glass and that the bottle is properly shut for Tea Tree Oil is sensitive to light and oxygen what can affect the functioning.

I have the Trea Tree Oil by the brand Thursday Plantation, this is available at for £ 5,49 (10ml).


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