Get your best skin back with Esse Skincare

Repair the damage to your skin in 30 days with Esse Skincare. With the #30dayrewild challenge from Esse Skincare, your skin will return to how it should have been originally. Once upon a time, our skin’s ecosystem was balanced and healthy, but over the years, we’ve lost our best skin. We have lost our sophisticated microbiome by becoming dependent on chemical products. I entered the #30dayrewild challenge and would like to tell you about the process and how my skin went through it. Get your best skin back with Esse Skincare.

#30dayrewild Challenge Esse Skincare

Esse 30 day rewild

I already mentioned chemical products as a negative influence on the health of our skin, but stress, environmental pollution and poor nutrition also affect the condition of your skin. With the #30dayrewild challenge, Esse Skincare encourages you to rewild your skin, instead of covering up the damage with countless products. Rewilding your skin aims to restore your home’s microbiome to its original state when it was healthy and resilient. Esse Skincare products contain pre- and probiotics and are pH neutral, the microbiome of your skin is restored with the help of probiotics and green chemistry.

What do you get in return after 30 days of rewilding:

  • Hydration is enhanced with softer and smoother skin.
  • Redness diminishes and the skin is soothed.
  • Your skin is better protected against pollution and pathogens.
  • Elasticity is improved and wrinkles are reduced.
  • Your skin is more resilient and more balanced.

What does the challenge entail?

Esse 30 day rewild

The #30dayrewild challenge is environmentally friendly, effective and simple. Esse has put together a starter pack especially for the challenge, which is available until this month. The package is sufficient for 30 days and the intention is that during this time you use all products of the package and eliminate other products. In this way you give your skin and microbiome the chance to return to the state for which they evolved. After 30 days you will start to see improvement in your skin.

The starter pack consists of 5 Esse products, all formulated to return the skin to its natural state. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

  • Sensitive Cleanser 50 ml
  • Sensitive toner 50 ml
  • Nourish Moisturizer 30 ml
  • Protective oil 12 ml
  • Resurrect Serum 12 ml

My experience


I’ve used an Esse product now and then, but never faithfully only Esse products for a month. The first few days nothing special happened, the Esse products all feel very nice on the skin. After about two weeks, my skin started to show some impurities. Something that turns out to be completely normal because your skin is going to detox, your skin is one of the 5 organs that provide detoxification. When your skin no longer works optimally and toxins from chemical products have accumulated, you will notice that when you use organic products your skin has to work hard to get rid of this toxic layer. It’s a period that you have to go through but at the same time you have to be happy because it means your skin is working hard. With me the impurities continued to show themselves for a week, after that my skin became nice and smooth again and it felt enormously hydrated and nourished. In addition to pimples, your skin can also show other symptoms of the detox, such as sensitivity, oily or very dry skin. These are all symptoms that you have to go through before your skin becomes the best version of itself again.

The starter package is for sale for € 68.00 (a discount of no less than 50%) at your nearest Esse salon and online.

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.


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