essence Trend Edition “couldn’t care more!”

The ultimate groomed dream eyebrows for every beauty lover? Yes – with the essence Trend Edition “couldn’t care more!” that offers everything you need for natural, beautiful wow brows! Good preparation is super important – the nourishing eyebrow scrub removes dead skin cells. Shape? Check! With the eyebrow tweezer and “it couldn’t care more! shape & shave trio” it is now easy to remove unwanted hairs. The after shape brow roller cooling & calming cools and softens the skin after plucking. An extra portion of care? Gladly! Because not only your skin, but also your eyebrows love to be pampered. The eyebrow serum provides thick, fuller-looking eyebrows, the nourishing fixing gel keeps them in shape and nourishes them at the same time with aloe vera extract, and the overnight brow mask repairs the eyebrows during the night. Beautiful, thick dream eyebrows – here we come!

This Trend Edition is available from the end of September to the end of October 2021.

Essence “couldn’t care more!”




Proper preparation is essential for a brow-mazing look. With its mild, exfoliating effect, the nourishing eyebrow scrub removes dead skin cells from the area around the eyebrows. In addition, the scrub helps to reduce ingrown hairs. The pleasant, creamy texture is enriched with castor & sunflower oil and moisturizes both the skin and the hair. The result: the skin looks smooth and well-groomed so that the eyebrows stand out at their best.

RRP: € 2,39// 01 Welcome To The Scrub-Club




Stubborn eyebrows don’t stand a chance! The flat tip allows the EYEBROW TWEEZER to grab each individual hair and remove it with precision. Eyebrow mistakes are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to over-plucking and hello to natural brows with character!

RRP: € 1,99



With it “couldn’t care more! shape & shave trio” are perfectly shaped eyebrows at your fingertips. This clever 3-in-1 tool serves as an eyebrow comb, brush and razor at the same time. The comb separates thin eyebrow hairs for shaving, the razor blades are extra small for particularly precise shaping and are protected by the brush that can be used to effortlessly remove the loose hairs. Beautylovers can pack the trio in their handbag to have everything they need for styled wow brows on the go.

RRP: € 2,99



After removal comes the care – the moisturizing brow roller soothes stressed skin and helps it recover. Wait a few minutes after plucking or shaving the eyebrows, then apply to dry and clean skin. Thanks to the metal roller ball applictor, the application of the moisturizing and soothing complex with hyaluronic acid, panthenol, aloe vera and but without silicone feels wonderfully cool on the eyebrow. The transparent gel is quickly absorbed by the skin, so you don’t have to rinse it off. We’ll take care of you, dear eyebrow!

RRP: € 2,89




Now that the eyebrows are groomed and styled, how do we make sure they keep their shape? Answer: with the couldn’t care more! caring eyebrow fixing gel. The spoolie applicator guarantees super easy application, but that’s not all! The transparent gel not only fixes the eyebrows, but also moisturizes them thanks to aloe vera and panthenol.

RRP: € 2,39// 01 Brow Chikka Wow Wow



Are your eyebrows not thick enough to style? No problem, because by regular it couldn’t care more! eyebrow serum, eyebrows will quickly appear thicker and fuller. The transparent serum contains the active ingredient complex WIDELASH™ (used with permission from Sederma) and nourishes the eyebrows with panthenol, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. The fine brush makes it easy to apply the serum very precisely.

RRP: € 2,99// 01 Care-y On Growing

OVERNIGHT BROW MASKessence_overnight-brow-mask

Our eyebrows have to endure a lot during styling and therefore deserve an extra portion of care and recovery. Simply apply the overnight brow mask with aloe vera, panthenol and castor oil in the evening and look forward to beautiful, restored eyebrows. The mask moisturizes and cares for the fine eyebrow hairs – for beautiful eyebrows the next morning!

RRP: € 2,99

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