essence Unique nail art designs

Perfect manicure in just two steps with the essence unique nail art designs. Unique nail art designs are only for professionals? Not really! You can now simply apply the perfect manicure with the essence Trend Edition fake it ’till you make it! Each box contains 12 self-adhesive artificial nails in five different styles. They are super easy to apply on your fingernails: simply position the artificial nail and press. And they can be removed just as easily with warm water and soap.

essence Unique nail art designs

The artificial nails in the essence fake it ’till you make it! Trend Edition are available in five different designs. From delicate pink with a holographic effect, all-over glitter and spiral patterns in bright colors to nude artificial nails with graphic lines or gold glitter on the edge of the nail. Everyone is guaranteed to find their favorite look here. Want to try out all designs? No problem thanks to the incredibly easy application!

fake it 'till you make it Sparkle on Darling

essence Unieke nailart designs

essence Trend Edition fake it 'till you make it

essence Unieke nailart designs

fake it 'till you make it Marblemania

What do you think of self-adhesive artificial nails? I haven’t been going to the nail salon for a while now, where I always had new gel nails fitted every 3 weeks. I thought it was ideal for a long time, but caught myself going for a natural look more and more often. This way my growth was less noticeable. I still think it’s beautiful and several friends of mine do this too, but I’m done with it for a while. In addition, my own nails really needed to recover from years of gel nails. Things are improving now, but they are not yet at the desired length.

These self-adhesive artificial nails offer a solution. I tried artificial nails from a previous essence collection and I was pleasantly surprised how well they stay in place. I don’t have to do this every day, but if I go out for dinner, have an event or a party, for example, I am happy with this alternative. This Trend Edition is available at Kruidvat from the end of March to the end of April 2023. Recommended price €2.99.

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