Esse Limited Edition Gift Pack the ultimate conscious beauty gift

December is the time of the year to get together with family, loved ones and friends and enjoy the most beautiful things life has to offer: love, friendship, happiness, giving and sharing. Today we give each other gifts with more attention to each other and to the planet. Esse has put together a sublime Gift Pack with the ideal care for the skin’s microbiome; to bring the skin back to its natural resilient state and balance.

Esse produces advanced organic and probiotic skin care in an ethically responsible and sustainable way. People are increasingly attracted to the idea of ​​improving the planet and the individual – these are also values ​​Esse shares. This limited edition Gift Pack contains an Esse Sensitive Cleanser, Sensitive Toner, Nourish Moisturizer, Resurrect Serum and Protect Oil. The products together are enough to use for 30 days: ideal as travel packaging or for someone who wants to try Esse.

5 reasons why the Esse Limited Edition Gift Pack is the ultimate December gift

Esse Limited Edition Gift Pack

1. Rewilding your skin

Not only chemical cosmetics, but also stress and environmental pollution negatively affect skin health. Instead of covering the damage with countless products, Esse encourages you to rewild your skin. It is essential to restore the skin’s microbiome to its original resilient state. The Esse Gift Pack offers an ultra-gentle selection of products designed to strengthen barrier function and support a healthy skin microbiome. The products contain pre- and probiotics, are pH neutral and do not contain harmful preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients.

2. An ethical gift

Today’s consumers are aware: they want to know whether a product suits them and whether it has been produced ethically and sustainably. The Esse Gift Pack is produced in a sustainable CO2-neutral way from start to finish. The products themselves are organic, biodegradable, vegan and animal-friendly. Each gift box is fully recyclable and plastic neutral.

3. Ideal for travel

The compact 30-day set is ideal for traveling or trying out Esse Skincare for a month; enough to be convinced of the benefits that Esse has to offer the skin.

4. Value for your money

The consumer gets more Esse products for a lower price! Five products from the Esse Sensitive line that last exactly one month for 68,- (that’s 50% of what would normally be paid for).

5. All the benefits of Esse Skincare

Esse is the world leader in rewilding that restores the skin microbiome using probiotics and green chemistry.

Skin benefits:

  • Improved hydration, softer and smoother skin
  • Sensitive skin is soothed, redness is reduced
  • Protection of the skin against pollution and pathogens
  • Improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles
  • A more balanced and protected skin microbiome, for a resilient skin
The Esse limited edition Gift Pack is available at the Esse salon. For more information:

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