Eyelash serums: the secret for long and full eyelashes

I’ve talked about eyelash serums before, a product that I was always skeptical about, but is now something I use daily. Naturally, I’ve full lashes and they are dark in color, but the thickness and length was never quite right, the lashes of my left eye were always better than the lashes of my right eye. An eyelash serum prevents your eyelashes from falling out, giving them a chance to grow a lot longer. Also, an eyelash serum stimulates the growth of new eyelashes and makes the hair darker (ideal when you have light eyelashes).

To maintain the effect of long and full eyelashes you must continue to use an eyelash serum. It’s therefore not a cure for a lasting result. In the meanwhile, it has become such a popular product that more and more brands are putting it on the market. I’ve only experience with 2 different brands, Aphro Celina and Nanolash, I tell you more about the use of these serums.

Eyelash serums: the secret for long and full eyelashes.

Eyelash serum

Both have a content of 3ml. This seems very little, but you only need a little bit at a time. This content can be used for months.

Eyelash serum




Aphro Celina’s applicator is a little longer, which I personally think is better for applying the serum.

Aphro Celina Eyelash.

In Aphro Celina Eyelash, the active ingredient Isopropyl Cloprostenate is successfully used. Clinical studies have shown that this substance activates the hair roots of eyelashes and prolongs the growth phase of the eyelashes. Aphro Celina also contains a chamomile extract that calms the skin.


The eyelash serum of Nanolash contains the active ingredient Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide which causes an increase in hair growth. Further, the ingredient list is very short, it contains Euphrasia officinalis extract (Eyebright) the emollient that’s soothing and caring with watery eyes.

How to use?

Apply the serum 1x a day as an eyeliner on a clean dry skin before going to sleep. Do this for 4 to 6 weeks, to maintain the desired length after that, use the serum 2 to 3x a week. First remove your contact lenses if you wear them.


I can’t do without, it has become a regular part of my evening routine. My eyelashes hardly fall out and they are long and full. I’ve the most experience with the Aphro Celina because I use this serum for the longest time. I started with the Nanolash because in this product the ingredient that stimulates hair growth is at the top of the ingredient list. I’m curious whether this is even more effective than the Aphro Celina serum. The price / quality ratio is fine for these 2 serums. The serums aren’t very cheap, but very effective and can be used for months.

Nanolash and Aphro Celina are available atΒ Bol.com.


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