STARSKIN Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Masks

Sheet masks, the hype in beauty land from Asia where they are few steps further in skincare. Sheet masks are individually packed masks infused with serum that you lay on your face like a 2nd skin for about 20 minutes. This works quite nice, very clean and no mess, after the exposure time you take the mask off your face and massage the remaining serum into your skin. Meanwhile I’ve several sheet masks at home by different brands that I still have to test (Dr. Jart +, Sephora en Karuna), but the first sheet mask that I’ve tried is of Dutch origin, from the brand STARSKIN.

The masks by STARSKIN are made of Bio-Cellulose that’s very gentle on your skin and gives no irritation, it’s a material that easily attaches to your skin and ensures that all vitamins and important ingredients will be absorbed into your skin. Bio-Cellulose is made from coconuts and is infused with coconut juice. The natural fiber is safe to use for all skin types and allows the skin to breathe freely while applying, Bio-Cellulose comes from the medical world where it’s used for treatment of burns.

STARSKIN Sheet Masks

STARSKIN Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Masks.

STARSKIN has 8 different Bio-Cellulose sheet masks in its assortment including a mask for men, two luxurious masks and an eye mask. Besides these masks STARSKIN has also a facial scrub and a hand- and foot mask.

I tested three different products of STARSKIN, a facial mask, eye mask and a facial scrub. All three products can be used 1 to 2 times per week.

STARSKIN Firming Face Mask, Close-Up.

STARSKIN Firming Face Mask

This sheet mask is especially for the skin which can use some firming. This mask has a powerful serum that will lift your skin and gives it a youthful appearance. It nourish your skin deeply and gives an immediate smoothing effect. You are ready for a Close-Up!

STARSKIN Firming Face Mask

The mask come in this sachet, before you open the bag first distribute the serum evenly in the sachet. The mask itself sits between two protective layers in which you remove. Leave the mask for about 20 minutes and then gently massage gently the remaining serum into the skin. Do not rinse. When there’s still some serum left in the sachet you can massage it into the skin of your neck.

STARSKIN Firming Face Mask

Don’t scare ;). The first time I used this mask I had a photo shoot that day, before I had to be on set without any makeup on I was happy that I had some time to put on this mask at home. My skin was then wonderfully smooth and soft with a healthy glow. It was a good “primer” for my makeup that day. The mask feels very nice on the skin and it has a cooling effect, it remains well on the skin, so you can just walk around with it. I personally find that a big plus, I’v no patience to lie down for 20 minutes for a mask ha!

STARSKIN Smoothing Eye Masks, Eye Catcher. 

STARSKIN Smoothing Eye Masks

Eye masks are an ideal boost for your eyes and so is this eye mask by STARSKIN. The mask provides intensive hydration so that fine lines are less visible. It contains enlightening licorice root extract and soothing allantoin (stimulates cell mitosis). Also this mask has that cooling effect so it reduce puffiness under your eyes. Tip; put the mask before use in the refrigerator for 10 minutes for an extra cooling and de-puff effect.

IMG_4504The eye mask sachet contains 2 x 2 eye patches, so for 2x use. Again distribute the serum evenly in the sachet before you open it. Remove the two layers and apply the patches under your eyes with the narrow side towards your nose. Let the eye mask soak for about 15 minutes and pat the remaining serum gently into the skin under your eyes.

STARSKIN Smoothing Eye Masks,

The feeling of the cool Bio-Cellulose patches is very pleasant under your eyes. It gives a fresh glance and puffiness and fine lines are temporarily reduced. I think it certainly has a positive effect for the long term when you use this faithfully. 

STARSKIN Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff.

STARSKIN Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

This is the facial scrub of STARSKIN, it’s an exfoliating sponge that will foam when it comes into contact with a little water. It contains mild cleaners that are suitable for all skin types and exfoliating ingredients such as glycolic acid and lactic acid (AHA). What is left is a smooth skin with reduced impurities.

STARSKIN Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

Clean your face as you are used to and let it moist, put some drops of water in the sachet so that the puff will foam. Then scrub your face with the puff for 2 to 3 minutes, rinse off. Now that your skin is completely free of dead skin cells, you can use one of the Bio-Cellulose masks for a better absorption of all the ingredients that are in the masks. The puff can be reused up to 3 times.

STARSKIN Foaming Peeling Perfection PuffI think a started too enthusiastic with the puff because my skin reacted a bit and I got some flakes and dry spots. Tip is, therefore, to use the puff with a gentle hand. Besides that the puff gave me a smooth skin and pores were less visible.


The face mask and eye mask are really nice, very soft to the skin, they give no irritation and leave a fresh hydrated skin behind. I’ll definitely gonna try the other Bio-Cellulose masks of this brand. I don’t think I’ll buy the peeling puff again, even though it’s probable me by using the puff with a hard hand. To exfoliate my skin I still prefer a lotion containing AHA’s.

STARSKIN is available at, the Bio-Cellulose masks are € 9,84 (30ml face mask and 12ml eye mask), the peeling puff is € 9,84 (16ml). 

What do you think of sheet masks and were you already familiar with the brand STARSKIN? Let me know XO.


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