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Diego dalla Palma is the professional Italian cosmetic brand with an avant-garde vision. For years, this beautiful brand has focused on the mystery of true beauty. From the very beginning, Diego dalla Palma has stood for diversity and beauty without restrictions and helps everyone to free themselves from the dominant ideal of beauty.

“Beauty is a lie…” 

Diego dalla Palma expresses this philosophy in cosmetics, make-up and hair styling with the latest technologies and unique ingredients.

Diego dalla Palma

Black Secret

Diego dalla PalmaWhatever look you go for, a good canvas is fundamental. To make this possible for as many ladies and gentlemen as possible, Diego dalla Palma decided to invest in the development of a wide range of skin care programs that focus on the latest technologies and most active ingredients.

New is the Black Secret skin care program that unravels the secrets of cell regeneration. Black Secret helps refine the skin, brighten the complexion and combat harmful influences from urban pollution. Thanks to the regenerating powers of Black Secret, excess sebum is combated and this line effectively fights impurities, coarse pores and acne marks, resulting in a flawless canvas.

Discover the secret behind Diego’s Black Secret…

Active ingredients

Diego’s Black Secret owes its name to the key ingredient Diamond Charcoal CPX, an active ingredient incorporated in each Black Secret product and a synergistic effect of diamond dust and activated carbon which the skin actively purifies and brightens. By combining this key ingredient with appropriate active ingredients, each Black Secret item is a standalone, powerful product that grows in effectiveness as soon as it is combined with other Black Secret products.

An example of a suitable active ingredient is Pollushield™. Thanks to the addition of Pollushield, an invisible protective layer remains on the skin that protects the skin against oxidative stress and external and polluting substances from the outside. The active ingredient Gluconolactone PHA (3-7%) has an especially effective effect as an exfoliant: it gently removes dead skin cells and accelerates the cellular regenerative process. In contrast to the well-known glycolic acid, Gluconolactone irritates the skin less and is therefore suitable for all skin types. Finally, Vitamin PP (4%), also known as vitamin B3 or Niacinamide, has been chosen, which has a light exfoliating effect and smoothes the skin with regular use. This active ingredient makes the skin glow and ensures that fine lines will be less visible.

Uniforming Purifying SerumUniforming Purifying Serum

The Uniforming Purifying Serum is a highly concentrated serum with a purifying and smoothing effect. This serum is specially developed for gray, dull or impure skin and combats premature signs of skin aging caused by urban pollution such as wrinkles and dark spots. Thanks to the combination of Diamond Charcoal CPX, which absorbs excess sebum and impurities, and 4% Vitamin PP, which minimizes pores and reduces skin discoloration, this serum effectively smoothes the skin (€34,90, 30ml).

Skin Renewing Micropeeling CreamSkin Renewing Micropeeling Cream

The Skin Renewing Micropeeling Cream is a delicate and innovative micro-exfoliating facial treatment that refines, smoothes and brightens the skin. This facial cream is suitable for day and night care and gradually reduces blemishes, small scars and wrinkles.

Thanks to the addition of Pollushield™, this cream leaves an invisible, protective layer on the skin that protects the skin against oxidative stress and external and polluting substances from the outside. Also contains 3% Gluconolactone PHA, which gently removes dead skin cells and accelerates the cellular regenerative process. This creates a softer, smooth skin that is more even and where wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation spots are less visible (€34,50, 50ml)

Purifying Scrub to MaskPurifying Scrub to Mask

This Purifying Scrub to Mask face mask and scrub is a unique treatment that purifies, smoothes and refines the skin in just a few minutes.

Once applied, the product looks like a classic ‘white scrub’ that effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities. The massage releases the special microspheres of Diamond Charcoal CPX and magically transforms the product into a ‘gray mask’ with a powerful detoxifying, purifying and sebum-absorbing effect (€22,50, 75ml).

Skin Renewing Exfoliating LotionSkin Renewing Exfoliating Lotion

The Skin Renewing Exfoliating Lotion from Diego dalla Palma’s Black Secret line is an exfoliating lotion for daily use with Diamond Charcoal CPX and 7% Gluconolactone PHA.

This lotion gently removes dead and gray skin cells, giving the skin a more even and radiant complexion. Minimizes the visibility of pores and imperfections and makes the skin clean and radiant. Suitable for (twice) daily use and suitable for all skin types (€24,95, 200ml).

Peel Off Glitter MaskPeel Off Glitter Mask

The Peel Off Glitter Mask from Diego dalla Palma’s Black Secret line is a detox mask based on Diamond Charcoal CPX that removes sebum and impurities, reducing blackheads and dead skin cells on the nose, forehead, chin and other problem areas. The skin immediately looks smoother and more radiant with less visible pores and a more even complexion (€19,90, 35ml)

Black Secret by Diego dalla Palma is available at Now with 10% discount.

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