The nicest baby shower gifts for every baby

My last maternity period is already more than 9 years ago, I do remember that I always enjoyed it immensely. Looking back, I might have preferred a baby shower party, because in the end all the visits become a bit ‘too much’ and you just want to be with your own little family.

Baby shower gifts

The nicest gift after 9 months is of course your sweetest baby, but no matter how you celebrate your maternity period, getting presents is part of it. When you go on a maternity visit you prefer to give an original maternity gift. What I always enjoyed receiving was a personalized gift. I give you some nice inspiration from the webshop, here you have a wide choice of gifts that you can personalize. For each product, the options are described exactly. They do full-color printing and embroidery in their own studio.

In addition, you can make each gift even more personal by having a personal message printed on a card during checkout.

Birth chair with name


I immediately start with the nicest, a birth chair. My children have also sat on such chairs for a long time, so handy. You can have this wooden chair printed in full-color with texts, photos and logos

Maternity gift briefcase Happy Horse


How nice is this package? It consists of a briefcase with name or image, baby hat, romper and a Happy Horse hug. The hug is embroidered and the romper is printed.

Maternity gift package Stone Green

kraam-cadeauWhen you give a gift with several people you can opt for a larger package. This maternity gift contains a bath cape, bathrobe, bib and hug, which you can have all printed on.

It is also possible to have a package put together yourself with all the articles that you would like to give.

Ideal right? I always think it’s a thing to pick out a nice baby shower gift, because it is often so standard. In addition, let’s be honest, many of the maternity gifts I received at that time my kids did not even carry or held in their hands. But I always liked these personalized gifts, in fact, those are the only gifts I have saved.

XO Frieda


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