5 favorite gifts for yourself or a friend

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Do you have that too? When the holidays are approaching.. those jitters, those butterflies in your stomach? It is a time of giving and receiving, of friendship, joy and happiness. Everyone has their favorite things, because we are all unique. But there are gifts that generally do well, whether it’s for a friend or if you want to treat yourself.

You have to consider who you want to buy a gift for. “Does she like that?” is a question you should always ask yourself. You know exactly what you like, so surprising yourself is not an art.

5 favoriete cadeaus

Here are 5 favorite things that will make yourself or a friend happy! 

  1. A Samsung telephone

This indestructible Samsung is very popular with young and old. The Samsung phone has been at the top of the list as the best phone for years. It is also nice that it is available in different versions and price ranges. They take beautiful photos so a must for every blogger. For yourself or as a gift!

  1. Beauty apps.

There are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of beauty apps that you can use on a Samsung phone, but you are not sure exactly what you would like to keep your skin, face or body fresh and healthy, or are you someone who like to make up? What about a face yoga app? You can think of it so crazy and there is a beauty app for it. This way you have a very original gift. You can also buy an app store or Playstore gift card and stick it on a nice body lotion. So you have a very nice package.

  1. A Beauty gift. 

Give yourself and your best friend a beauty gift after a very stressful year. How about a wellness day? You know very well who qualifies for it. Someone who may never do anything for himself, but is always there for everyone? Maybe it’s your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or is it you? It will do you good or you can make someone very happy with it.

As a budget option, you can take an online yoga class together, get a stack of masks and good food. Lovely to catch up for a while.

     4. A nice planner

Everyone has a planner and agenda on their phone. How about all those apps in which you can plan everything in detail? Still, I think a planner is a nice gift. I like to manually cross things out, or really write out my ideas, it’s very calming. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to put the phone down every now and then. I am a big fan of the Purpuz planner because you can also put your goals and what you have achieved in it.

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Do you also love giving and receiving special gifts?


XO Frieda


This blog post contains products that I received.


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