The Lightening Solution by Perris Swiss Laboratory

A few months ago I was introduced to the Perris Swiss Laboratory brand. I was allowed to test the Skin Fitness Peeling and it is great, I can’t live without it anymore. You can use the peeling every day, it gives a radiant even complexion, strengthens your skin and is anti-aging. Can also be used for your hands, you can see skin aging on your hands very quickly because the skin here is very thin. The Skin Fitness Peeling is available in 4 different variants, including Lift Lightening Solution. The line The Lightening Solution by Perris Swiss Laboratory has expanded and I would like to tell you more about it.

Perris Swiss Laboratory has added 2 new products to the line The Lightening Solution, with two brightening products. The Lightening Dark Spot Serum, suitable for normal to dry and even very sensitive skin. And the Radiance Activating Lotion, suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive skin. Together with the peeling Lift Lightening, these products fight against discoloration of the skin and have a clarifying and correcting effect on existing discolorations (hyperpigmentation). The Lighting Solution by Perris Swiss Laboratory.

The Lightening Solution

The Lightening Solution

The Lightening Dark Spot Serum contains 95% natural ingredients. This serum ensures that the skin is hydrated for 24 hours and that it is visibly more clear and radiant. It has a corrective effect on dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and has a preventive effect on photo-aging. A wonderful serum that is applied in the morning and evening after cleansing and immediately gives a radiant result. Vitamins E, C and B3 (Niacinamide) give the skin extra resistance and have a restorative and anti-inflammatory effect. Hyaluronic acid provides optimal hydration. In addition, ‘Sabiwhite’ (extract of the Curcuma plant) provides the clarifying aspect and the serum has a soft pleasant scent due to the natural aroma (Helio powder).

Lightening Dark Spot Serum € 195,- (30 ml).

The Lightening Solution

The Radiance Activating Lotion contains 98% natural ingredients and is therefore suitable for all skin types. The luscious lotion ensures that the skin is hydrated and plumped for 24 hours and that it is visibly more clear and radiant. A mild lotion that is applied in the morning and evening after cleansing and immediately gives a radiant result. Vitamins C and B3 (Niacinamide) provide extra resistance to the skin and work together with the enzyme Bromelain to repair and anti-inflammatory. The rose water in the lotion soothes the skin and leaves a light, pleasant scent.

Radiance Activating Lotion € 65,- (200 ml). 

We are delighted to add the Lightening Dark Spot Serum and the Radiance Activating Lotion to the collection,” said Michele Perris, Owner of the Perris Group and CEO of Perris Swiss Laboratory. “A product that fits perfectly into our skincare range and like all our products, the Lightening Dark Spot Serum has environmentally friendly packaging (100% recyclable) according to existing FSC standards.


The Lightening Solution

Since 2012, the Lift Lightening Peeling helps all skin types with hyperpigmentation to prevent and correct dark spots for a brighter and more radiant appearance. This peeling is also suitable for the hands.

Lift Lightening Peeling € 95 (50 ml).

Perris Swiss Laboratory Skin Fitness/Skin Fit Youth/Lightening Solution

All products from these three lines are composed of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and are Eco-certified by Skin Eco. In addition, the products are clinically and dermatologically tested and do not contain any skin-unfriendly ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, paraffin and mineral oils, minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction.


As I said before, the peeling is here to stay. The serum smells wonderful and provides sufficient hydration for a long time. I especially like the lotion in the morning, it provides extra resistance of the skin and thanks to rose water it gives off a nice scent. I quickly get hyperpigmentation on my forehead after sunbathing, but so far I keep it well under control with this line from Perris.

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.



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