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As some of you may know I had my breast implants removed a few months ago. I got a lump in my left armpit that became increasingly painful and radiated to my left breast. After an ultrasound and MRI scan, both implants were found to be leaking. The explant operation has now been completed, but unfortunately I have to go under the knife again because the painful lump in my armpit turns out to be silicone. Your body can’t clean up silicones on its own, my body has been trying to detox the silicones for years. The beautiful brand Biotona was happy to help me support after surgery with the Phyto-Detox that I would like to tell you more about.

Biotona Fuel for Life supports a healthy lifestyle with a complete line of premium superfoods. All superfoods are pure and 100% natural and certified organic, they help you quickly and easily give that extra healthy and tasty boost to your daily diet.

Biotona Phyto-Detox

Biotona Phyto-Detox

Unfortunately, after a number of medical examinations, it turned out that several lymph nodes, including in my right armpit, contained silicone. These are just too small to surgically remove without causing damage. When silicone leaks into the lymph nodes, it can lead to a disturbance in the immune system. Because the immune system is continuously active and wants to clear up the silicone (which does not work), the immune system can derail and that can lead to complaints such as fatigue, concentration problems, muscle pain, joint pain and sometimes even a stroke.

Biotona Phyto-Detox is an ideal product for general purification and drainage, but also for more energy. It is a product that is often used with the change of season.

Biotona Bio Phyto-Detox® is a synergistic blend of 100% organic plant powders dried in the open air. The seeds of the milk thistle support the liver in its detoxifying and cleansing effect. Turmeric supports fat digestion. Chlorella is an ancient, single-celled green freshwater algae, with a bright green color due to the chlorophyll it contains. The algae also contains a wealth of phytonutrients, just like the powder of wheatgrass juice. Nettle and dandelion root contribute to internal purification and fennel seed contributes to the reduction of bloating. Yacon, or Bolivian sunflower root, contains more than 40% inulin (soluble fiber). Artichoke leaf supports the liver and detoxification. Biotona Phyto-Detox® is indicated in our daily diet, which is often high in fat and very taxing or can serve as a detoxifying cure.

Content of Biotona Phyto-Detox

  • Milk thistle to protect the liver and gallbladder against toxins and other harmful influences.

  • Turmeric protects cells against free radicals.

  • Dandelion root is packed with vitamin flavonoids and (phyto) nutrients that have an antioxidant and diuretic effect (exhaust via the urine).

  • Wheatgrass juice is very rich in vitamins B1, B2, E, zinc, chlorophyll and magnesium.

  • Fennel seed in addition to essential oil (with anethole) that protects the liver, it also contains a lot of calcium, potassium and manganese.

  • Yacon has a prebiotic effect and contributes to a healthy intestinal flora.

  • Nettle has a purifying effect and helps to expel waste.

  • Artichoke for healthy liver and bile function and to improve digestion.

  • Chlorella is a chlorophyll-rich natural protein source and supports internal cleansing.

Phyto-Detox Smoothie

Biotona Phyto-Detox


Fatigue, mental dips, skin rashes… These are signals that our body needs a thorough purification treatment. This is also often the case just before spring or autumn, when nature undergoes a metamorphosis. There are days when I suffer a lot from my armpit/lymph nodes, pain but also fatigue is part of that. Cleaning your body regularly is necessary to get rid of the excess of toxic substances that everyone has to deal with. Such a purification provides extra energy, making you more resistant to pathogens.

You can change this Phyto-Detox Smoothie to your own taste, but this is my favorite. With this delicious slightly sweet and fresh smoothie you immediately get more energy and it is super tasty.

  • 1 medium apple, peeled
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 200ml coconut water
  • 1 teaspoon Biotona Phyto-Detox
  • 1 teaspoon Biotona Chlorella + Spirulina

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

The use of Biotona Phyto-Detox and Chlorella + Spirulina is a healthy recommendation for everyone. For me it is important to detoxify my body in a natural way now that there are still remnants of heavy metals in my body. The silicones probably won’t leave my body, but supporting my body with this healthy smoothie is important to remove other toxic substances and to allow my body to heal as well as possible.

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