Biotona MCT oil – smart energy source

The Biotona range is enriched with Biotona Bio Pure MCT oil. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides or medium chain triglycerides. Biotona Bio Pure MCT oil is of biological origin and consists of the fatty acids caprylic acid (60%) and capric acid (40%), from coconuts. These fatty acids provide energy quickly and are hardly stored as fat. This neutral edible oil is ideal for athletes, but also very suitable for people who want to lose weight and who want to live a healthy life. Biotona MCT oil – smart energy source.

I’m a fan of the Biotona brand and I drink a matcha latte with the matcha tea from Biotona every day. I have now added this MCT oil to my daily routine. Once a day I make coffee with whipped soy milk and I add a tablespoon of Biotona MCT oil to it. The oil has no other taste, but it does give a velvety texture. Coffee with this oil is known as Bulletproof Coffee and is very popular with followers of the keto diet. It gives you a satiated feeling for a long time so you don’t grab unhealthy snacks.

Biotona MCT oil

SHARP AND ENERGY By adding MCTs to your diet, you have access to a smart energy source. MCTs are converted into so-called ketones faster than other saturated fats because they break down easily and end up in the liver very quickly. Those ketones function as sugar substitutes. This makes them ideal for a carbohydrate-free or keto diet (where burning fats instead of carbohydrates is the key). Ketones are also an ideal fuel for the brain because they are available as an energy source so quickly. This has a positive effect on the functioning of your brain.

BLOOD SUGAR MIRROR Another positive effect of MCTs is that they keep blood sugar levels more stable because they do not cause insulin spikes like you do with the consumption of sugars or carbohydrates. Without sugar dip, there is also less hunger and a tendency to snack. Ideal for the “snackers” among us who want to improve their lifestyle. The entire metabolism benefits from Biotona Bio Pure MCT oil because a healthy intestinal flora is also one of the health benefits.

FROM COFFEE TO THE SALAD Biotona Bio Pure MCT oil is odorless, contains no sugar or dairy, is gluten-free and is not made with palm oil.You use Biotona MCT oil as a velvety addition to drinks, as an oil on the salad, in shakes and smoothies or in your breakfast bowl. You can also add the oil to hot drinks and dishes. Heating it in a pan for frying or stir-frying is not a good idea because at high temperatures the oil loses its health benefits and when an oil is heated above its smoke point, harmful substances can be formed. The first week is recommended 5 ml per day, then a number of doses of 15 ml per day can be used at will (a measuring cup is supplied with the bottle).

TOP QUALITY Biotona wouldn’t be Biotona if its Pure MCT oil wasn’t of the highest quality! No chemical process is involved in the production. The organic and vegan certifications do not simply mean that the coconuts from Sri Lanka are organic and the product contains no animal fats. The basic product is a cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, which is by no means always the case in mass production, where chemical processes are also used to obtain MCTs. Biotona also ensures that no monkeys are used to pick the coconuts. Unfortunately, this is often the case with cheaper, large-scale coconut products!

PRICES AND AVAILABILITY: Biotona Bio Pure MCT oil € 24.49 (500 ml). Biotona is exclusively available at Holland & Barrett and via the webshop: Check for product information and recipes at

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