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Do you also wake up with your hair in all directions and folds in your face? The solution here for seems to be very simple by leaving your cotton pillowcase for a satin pillowcase.

Be nice to your hair and skin while you sleep, sounds good. Let’s put all the benefits of a satin pillowcase in a row:

  • Where a cotton pillowcase is rough, a satin pillowcase is soft which is much better for hair and skin.
  • It prevents tangles in the hair.
  • It prevents split ends.
  • It promotes the hydration of the hair.
  • The hair shines more.
  • It inhibits the excess sebum production so your hair will be less greasy.
  • It prevents pimples.
  • No folds in your face in the morning.
  • Improved functioning of your night cream.
  • It promotes the hydration of your face.
  • It promotes the cell renewal of the skin.
  • It prevents wrinkles in your face.

My satin pillowcase is from Satin Sleepers these ensure the wanted beauty effect;

The Satin Sleepers do not compare with just a satin pillowcase! Where a normal pillowcase contains 52 threads per inch, contains the Satin Sleepers much as 80 threads per inch. Due to the special satin fabric and unique coating Satin Sleepers optimize the beauty benefits and are not to be compared with a normal silk pillowcase.

Satin SleepersWhat is my experience:

Something that’s not so good for your hair and I’m completely guilty of, going to bed with wet hair. Chances are that your hair dries very strange during the night and you get only more split ends. Through my satin pillowcase my hair remains better in its place and every little bit helps when you are like me and don’t like to blow dry your hair late in the evening.

It takes some to get used to such a smooth surface, also the satin feels a bit colder than cotton, but I can only say that it’s really pleasant. Perhaps the greatest advantage is, is that there are no folds anymore in your face when you wake up (fact that it takes some time before they are gone). Or my skin has improved, I can’t say, I had already little trouble with pimples. I can imagine that if you‘re troubled by impurities, you’ll have benefits from this satin pillowcase. Eventually your skin is still around 7 hours per night in touch with your pillowcase.

This satin pillowcase can be ordered online in different colors and 2 sizes at Satin Sleepers. They ship throughout europe.

Amazon ship worldwide satin pillowcases.

Did you heard of this beauty secret? Let me know XO.


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