No more intestinal complaints with Biotona Superfibres

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We women often suffer from bloating and cramps. This is usually due to wrong food and food that your intestines do not digest well. For example, I love red meat, I like my steak best when it is cooked medium-rare. Unfortunately, I get a bloated feeling and stomach. Good general health starts with a healthy gut. But what makes your gut happy? Unprocessed, pure food and lots of fiber. With Biotona you tackle these problems easily and naturally. No more intestinal complaints with Biotona Superfibres.

Intestines on a journey

When you travel, you have a greater chance of constipation, for example because you are in the car or plane for a long time or because you drink much less water than usual. When you go to another continent, the time difference is also an important cause. Once you have arrived at your destination, your intestines can react sensitively to fatigue and stress, causing you to get cramps. Also, the food often contains different ingredients and it is usually fatter than at home, which can cause your intestines to protest. In some countries you have to be careful not to eat contaminated food due to poor hygiene and polluted water.

Superfibres to the rescue!

Dietary fiber is a wide variety of substances that come from the cell walls of plant foods. What do they have in common? They do not digest in the digestive tract, but they ensure a healthy intestinal flora and good bowel movements.

Two types of fiber

Fibers can be divided into two groups:

• Insoluble fiber that absorbs water and makes you feel full. Once in the intestines, they ensure that your intestines are stimulated and can work optimally. These fibers can be found in apples, cabbage, grains, peas and beans.

• Soluble fibers serve as food for the intestinal bacteria and ensure a healthy intestinal flora. These fibers can be found in potatoes, beans, bananas, onions, leeks, oats and barley.

Biotona Superfibres

Biotona SuperfibresBiotona Superfibres consists largely of soluble dietary fibers from the gum of the Acacia senegal tree. In addition, the powder contains insoluble fibers from coconut flour, olive and hemp seed. The mix also contains dried fruit pulp from the African baobab tree, with soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous phytonutrients.

How to use

When you go on a trip, take 2 tablespoons of Biotona Superfibres daily two weeks before and during the holiday. You can simply add these to water, juice or yogurt. With this you can help prevent annoying intestinal complaints. In everyday life you add 1 to 2 tablespoons daily to your smoothie, yogurt or water.

Healthy gut juice

Take a green apple and a fennel bulb of the same size. Cut into pieces and put in the juicer with the juice of a lemon or lime. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Biotona Superfibres and shake into a delicious fiber drink. Drink chilled with a slice of lemon or lime.

Biotona Superfibres

My personal favorite recipe with Biotona Superfibres, especially because it is ready quickly and is also super tasty. Using a blender or small portable blender, add 1 banana, a handful of blueberries, 1 tablespoon of Biotona Superfibres and oat milk. Blend all this into a smooth smoothie, enjoy!


Biotona Superfibres € 16.49 (300 gr). The Biotona range is available at Holland & Barrett or via the webshop:

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