More pleasure from your painted nails with Gel Nail Polish

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The nail salons are closed for the second time and that means that you have to maintain your nails yourself. For me there was always only one reason to go to the nail salon, painted nails that stay beautiful for weeks without damage. Only outgrowth, you will have that after a few weeks when you have your nails maintained at the nail salon. Fortunately, there is Gel Nail Polish for at home, I think most of you are familiar with. With this nail polish you will enjoy your painted nails for longer and the special formula makes it more durable.

Gel Nail Polish

It is quite a job to neatly paint your nails, especially when you do this in a striking color, such a shame when your painted nail is quickly damaged. Fortunately, you will suffer from this much less quickly with Gel Nail Polish. Due to the active ingredients that are released in the gel layer, the nail polish can take a beating, so that it remains beautiful for much longer. You do not need an LED or UV lamp, but it is always advisable to use a top coat for the maximum result. The Gel Nail Polish is just as easy to remove with nail polish remover as the standard nail polish.

Nail Polish Trends 2021

It is of course also nice to know which colors will be completely hot for your nails in 2021. I will go through a number of them with you, of course all Gel Nail Polish.

Chocolate brown

Brown, chocolate brown that is, is completely trendy in 2021 and looks great with all skin tones.


The Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish – 014 Hottie Choccie has a built-in basecoat and a self-repairing topcoat.essie-gel-couture-nagellak-518-sun-day-style

The Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish – 518 Sun Day Style has an intensely glossy finish and stays beautiful for up to 12 days.


Classic Red

The color that is always a good idea and never goes out of style is red. In 2021 it may be particularly striking red and cherry red.

The Bourjois Duo Gel Nail Polish – 05 Are You Reddy stays in place for up to 15 days. This set consists of a beautiful color and a topcoat which together creates a gel effect.sally-hansen-miracle-gel-duopack-nagellak-021-jing

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Duopack Nail Polish – 021 Jingle Red Rock you apply in 2 easy steps. The Miracle Gel is the very first system where nail polish and gel are combined for a gel manicure.For the result of a gel manicure you have to use the Miracle Gel and Miracle topcoat together.


When we already think about the next season and the warm weather, then go for a soft nude or orange color on your nails.


The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish – 163 Tangerine Sunrise is perfect for spring / summer. It is a soft subtle color that is very popular this year. Don’t forget the Miracle topcoat for a gel manicure effect.


I also want to give you some tips to get the most out of your beautiful painted nails.

  • Before you start painting, make sure your nails are clean and oil free.
  • Always paint your nails in 2 thin layers, wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the second layer.
  • Use a topcoat as an extra protective layer.
  • Keep your nail polish in a cool and dark place (not in the fridge).

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