Essence Summer Update 2019

Did you think you had to wait until the end of the summer for an update of Essence’s fixed range? Then we have good news for you, because they are already expanding their beauty line this month with exciting, new products.

The “this is me” line is the absolute highlight of the update. In the collection you will find 20 matching lipsticks and nail polishes in flattering nude shades. Make sure everyone finds the perfect color!

They also welcome a new member in the popular “lash princess” mascara family: a waterproof variant. And that’s not all about eye makeup. Twelve highly pigmented eye shadow colors and an eyebrow pencil with a triangular felt tip are also part of the Essence summer update.

Essence Summer Update 2019

“this is me” is for all of us. We are beautiful, strong, unique and free – especially when it comes to choosing your own look. The “this is me” line consists of coordinated nail polishes and lipsticks that perfectly match the different skin tones. Thanks to a selection of 20 flattering nude shades, every (skin) type is assured of a perfect beauty match – regardless of the occasion. And because the color numbers of the nail polish match those of the lipstick, you can recognize the color duos at a glance.

Matching Colours

this is me. lipstick

The semi-matte, long-lasting texture of the 20 nude shades has a high coverage and feels like a feather on your lips, so soft. Recommended retail price: € 2,89

this is me. nail polish

The lipstick from the “this is me” line finds her partner in crime in 20 matching nail polish colors. The formula of the nude vegan lacquers corresponds to the new “shine.”
last & go! ’line of Essence, which has already been included in the Spring / Summer collection. The quick-drying gel formula ensures optimum shelf life, intense color and a beautiful shine. 
Recommended retail price: € 1,69

this is me. lipstick 01
this is me. gel nail polish 01
01 freakythis is me. lipstick 02

this is me. gel nail polish 0202 happythis is me. lipstick 03

this is me. gel nail polish 0303 boldthis is me. lipstick 04

this is me. gel nail polish 0404 crazythis is me. lipstick 05this is me. gel nail polish 0505 legendary
this is me. lipstick 06
this is me. gel nail polish 0606 realthis is me. lipstick 07this is me. gel nail polish 0707 enoughthis is me. lipstick 08

this is me. gel nail polish 0808 strongthis is me. lipstick 09

this is me. gel nail polish 0909 specialthis is me. lipstick 10this is me. gel nail polish 1010 naughtythis is me. lipstick 11this is me. gel nail polish 11

11 amazingthis is me. lipstick 12this is me. gel nail polish 1212 loyal

this is me. lipstick 13this is me. gel nail polish 13

13 bravethis is me. lipstick 14

this is me. gel nail polish 14

14 freethis is me. lipstick 15

this is me. gel nail polish 15

15 fabulousthis is me. lipstick 16this is me. gel nail polish 16

16 loveable

this is me. lipstick 17this is me. gel nail polish 17

17 beautifulthis is me. lipstick 18this is me. gel nail polish 18

18 smartthis is me. lipstick 19

this is me. gel nail polish 19

19 confidentthis is me. lipstick 20

this is me. gel nail polish 20

20 unique


It’s All About Eyes

Lash Princess, false lash mascara waterproof effect.
Hello sister! There she is, the newest addition to the “lash princess” family: a waterproof version of the Essence bestseller. It doesn’t matter how many tears of joy, sports sessions or a long day you’ve had – this mascara stays on! The special conical shape of the fiber brush gives length and dramatic volume for a fantastic false eyelash effect.
Recommended retail price: € 3.39
Lash Princess False Lashes Effect Mascara

The twelve colors of the new mono eyeshadows are highly pigmented, long-lasting and range from matte to glossy and metallic. The variety and perfect mix of basics and trend colors invite you to be creative and try out new looks. The eye shadow can be worn solo and combined. Recommended retail price: € 1.99

eyeshadow 01


01 get poshyeyeshadow 02

02 shameless

eyeshadow 03

03 bleaheyeshadow 04

04 souleyeshadow 05

05 granny pantseyeshadow 06

06 mondayeyeshadow 07

07 funda (mental)

eyeshadow 08

08 grincheyeshadow 09

09 morning gloryeyeshadow 10

10 legendaryeyeshadow 11

11 rich beacheyeshadow 12

12 karma


EYEBROW PEN Perfectly styled eyebrows – all day long! This semi-permanent “the eyebrow pen” is a must-have for accurate and expressive eyebrows. The color is quick and easy to apply thanks to the triangular felt tip. Depending on the desired intensity, you choose a natural result or true statement brows. The texture is smudgeproof, survives even the most stressful day and can be easily removed in the evening with makeup remover. Recommended retail price: € 2,59

the eyebrow pen

01 blonde

the eyebrow pen

02 light brownthe eyebrow pen 03 medium brownthe eyebrow pen 04 dark brown


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