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Miracle Skin Oil is a 100% botanical, organic serum with 12 exclusive, vegetable and cold-pressed oils including Argan oil, Tamanu oil, Kukui oil and Raspberry seed oil. The ingredients are not only chosen on the basis of the individual capacities, but mainly because of the synergy with each other. Miracle Skin Oil combines anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, firming phytoceramides, nourishing fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to restore the skin’s balance. The powerful, high-dose serum, with a natural SPF 25, is immediately absorbed by the skin and optimally retains moisture in the skin. It transforms every skin type and improves the condition and structure of the skin. Result: a soft, hydrated, elastic, smooth and firmed skin that radiates.

Miracle Skin OilMiracle Skin Oil

The serum has strong moisture-binding properties and does not dry out the skin, so that the skin effortlessly absorbs all the active substances it needs to repair and improve. Miracle Skin Oil goes one step further in its commitment to quality and protects the serum with a violet miron glass dropper bottle with UV filter and with an extra pump to protect the contents from oxygen. The miron glass activates and energizes the content.

Cold pressed
One of the special ingredients of Miracle Skin Oil is Argan Oil. Argan oil is packed with unsaturated fatty acids that are extremely moisturizing and make the skin particularly supple and soft. Argan oil penetrates deep into the skin layers and is a moisturizer pur sang. The Amazigh women in Morocco have been using Argan oil since time immemorial to protect their skin from the harsh and drying effects of the desert. Argan oil is often heated during processing and mixed with cheap, neutral oils, causing it to lose the most important nutrients.

Brigitte Maas, founder of Miracle Skin Oil, went in search of 100% pure, cold-pressed Argan oil. After a long search, she came into contact with a producer who grew up in the area where Argan oil is extracted. This small-scale German producer decided to press the argan nuts itself with a machine specially developed for cold pressing the nuts. Brigitte traveled to these products to see the process of pressing with her own eyes and to be convinced that this oil could become part of her Miracle Skin Oil. Brigitte applies this process of careful selection of small-scale and traceable producers to all Miracle Skin Oil ingredients.

Brigitte MaasBrigitte Maas founder Miracle Skin Oil
Years ago, Brigitte Maas (1971), founder of Miracle Skin Oil, was looking for a solution for her complicated and sensitive skin. Thus began her long quest that led to the development of Miracle Skin Oil. Brigitte was committed to developing a 100% pure and intensive serum that would deliver on a long list of promises and embarked on a 2 year research and formulation process. Important criteria; proven efficacy, natural, high-quality ingredients, organic cold pressing and small scale traceable productions. It turned out to be a challenge to find suppliers who could meet her high standards. Together with a dermatologist and a skin doctor, she developed the ultimate combination of exclusive botanical oils on this planet. The unique composition of Miracle Skin Oil does what it promises, pure nature, as your skin recognizes and wants it. It is her mission to let as many women and men as possible experience what a 100% pure, superior combination of botanical oils and the special properties can do for your skin.

The most beautiful foundation is healthy and radiant skin.

Brigitte is grateful that all this is given to us by mother nature and believes in giving her something back. That is why Miracle Skin Oil donates 3% of every purchase to the World Wildlife Fund, for the preservation of the Amazon region and therefore to the habitat of many animals, but also to the ‘lungs’ of the earth.

Price and availability
Miracle Skin Oil is suitable for all skin types, even the most problematic, non-tolerant skin. It is available at www.miracleskinoil.com in 2 packages:
20 ml € 54,-
30 ml € 69,-

Apply a few drops of Miracle Skin Oil in the morning and evening to cleansed, preferably slightly damp skin on the face and neck. Let a few drops fall into the palm of the hand, spread this over both hands and heat slightly. Then apply the serum with a light massage. A drop through a foundation works wonders because the make-up adheres better, stays beautiful longer and gives an even and fresh result.


I think the scent, which is so special, fresh and sweet at the same time, is the best description. I have not been using it that long, so before I really notice a difference I have to apply it a little longer. I do think it is promising, it is a nice product that quickly absorbs into the skin, smells nice and immediately gives a silky soft skin. Under my make-up it gives that beautiful glow that I love so much.



The Miracle Skin Oil contains a high concentration of Argan oil, what makes this oil so special?

I recently wrote a blog about Argan oil, it can be found on my website.

What I find very interesting is that the Miracle Skin Oil contains a natural sun factor 25, can you explain that?

Raspberry seed oil contains a natural spf 28-45. There are several publications about the sun protection properties of this oil. Canadian research has shown that raspberry seed oil is able to absorb UV radiation and protect the skin against negative effects of UV-B radiation. Because Miracle Skin Oil contains 12 oils, it is difficult to be exact about the exact sun protection, so we assume the average, factor 25, partly because our other ingredients also have a UV factor.

What made you decide to develop and market this oil?

I found that the creams and serums I used did nothing for my skin. I have immersed myself in the ingredients of many different precious and also less expensive brands and discovered that no brand paid enough attention to the pure ingredients, identical to the skin, recognizable, absorbable and effective. The marketing machine of these big brands does not primarily focus on our skin. The focus is mainly on sales with beautiful packaging, scent, color, delicious, soft but meaningless substances that give you the feeling that it is doing something, but … it does NOTHING. You can not moisturize, you can only hold moisture. Our body and skin cannot be misled, it recognizes exactly what it needs, so 99% disappears from your wallet, in your skin and in your blood.

No less than 12 botanical ingredients and 100% pure, it seems to me a challenge? 

12 botanical oils in one small bottle, it seems quite a lot, but everything works synergistically together. One cannot exist without the other. Vitamin E, for example, cannot do without vitamin C. Vitamin E ensures that your skin burns less quickly, it limits cell damage caused by the sun and, in combination with vitamin C, makes pigmentation spots lighter, among other things. The challenge for me was to make a difference with a serum without chemical ingredients, perfume and parabens.

How long do you have to use Miracle Skin Oil before you can see that it improves the condition of your skin?

Miracle Skin Oil takes some time. Your skin will completely renew itself every month. During the first months you will notice that your skin becomes calmer and that fine wrinkles, redness and blemishes diminish. You will notice that your skin will glow, this is almost impossible to explain, you really have to experience this yourself.

Will more products be added in the future?

Perhaps we will develop more products in the future, there is a lot of demand for cleaning and scrubbing.

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.


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