Pureté bio Botanical Beauty

This brand has been around for a few years now and was created from a passion for organic oils and refined pure ingredients. Recently I received a press kit from this brand and it is worth telling you more about this. Pureté bio is an organically certified (nutri-) cosmetic line that was developed by KeyPharm, an internationally renowned producer of natural, high-quality health and beauty products. KeyPharm has already launched 2 brands in the field of nutritional supplements, aromatherapy and superfoods that I am a big fan of, Physalis and Biotona. With Pureté bio Botanical Beauty they go all the way and have created natural beauty products.

Pureté bio

The (nutri-) cosmetic line fits perfectly with the plant-based trend of today. It gives your skin a beauty boost with certified (ECOCERT Greenlife) products.

There are 4 products in total, 2 of which I show, Huile sublime and Éclat lifting facial serum

Huile sublime multi-active dry oil for face, body and hair € 26,00 (100ml)

Pureté bio Botanical Beauty

A dry oil may sound strange, but it is an oil that does not remain moist and / or sticky and is absorbed directly into the skin. This oil makes the skin satin soft thanks to the 11 highly nourishing vegetable oils and an aromatic elixir of 9 powerful essential oils. In addition, it provides strengthening and reduces fine lines due to the strong anti-aging effect. The oils protect, purify and regenerate the skin. Suitable for all skin types and in particular for dry, sensitive and aging skin.

Use a few drops in the morning and / or in the evening pure or mixed with face cream or body milk. When used as a hair oil, apply the oil to the lengths and ends without washing out.

Éclat lifting facial serum, anti-wrinkle effect € 22,00 (15x2ml) 

Pureté bio Botanical Beauty

This product is great. It gives a firm and hydrated effect and is completely odorless. This serum is designed to reduce fatigue and fine lines. Due to the synergy of all ingredients, you will see a tighter, radiant and soft skin after 15 minutes. The formula is non-greasy and is completely absorbed by the skin.

The serum contains Gatuline® Expression, from the exotic Acmella oleracea, which gives a natural botox effect. It also contains EPS Seafill, a unique and pure active ingredient of marine origin that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. With Liftessence ™, a polysaccharide complex from the fern variety Cyathea cumingii, and a hydrating complex of micro-hyaluronic acids and Aloe vera.

Use in the morning and evening. You use a full ampule at a time and then you apply your day and night care.

For more information and the other products of Pureté bio Botanical Beauty, go to puretebio.be



XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.






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