Make your home more sustainable with insulating glass

Now that energy prices are going through the roof, you may be looking for ways to make your home more sustainable. Most likely you already have double glazing in your house, but it could be even better. With triple glass or HR++ glass you save even more on your heating costs and lose less heat in the house. You experience more comfort in the house because you no longer feel drafts and cold at the windows, noises from outside are also less audible. The easiest and fastest way to tackle your house is to make your house more sustainable with insulating glass.

Order glass online

Perhaps you have just bought a house that you still need to make more sustainable or your current house is due for renovation and making it more sustainable. Fortunately, there is a solution for every situation and ordering glass online has never been so easy. You can order glass to size and in various types of glass plates.

Heat in the house is often lost through the windows. For the best approach and return, you replace windows and frames with HR++ glass, but what exactly is HR++? HR stands for High Efficiency, insulating double glazing that consists of two glass plates with space in between. With standard double glazing, this space is filled with air and with HR++ glass it is filled with noble gas. The edges are sealed with a special sealant to create a closed unit. One side is coated for extra good insulation.

Insulating HR++ glass can cause condensation, this is most common in places where it is colder in the house. Placing a ventilation grille above the insulating glass is therefore recommended.

Triple glass

If you want to do even better and save even more energy, go for triple glass. Triple glass HR+++ is the most insulating glass available. This is triple glazing, has a third extra glass plate, an extra second space filled with noble gas and finally an extra HR coating.

Glass plate maintenance

You can clean a glass plate with a damp cloth. You only use water or a glass cleaner. After that, it is important that you dry the glass plate with a dry cloth.


Ordinary double glazing is no longer of this time and single glazing is certainly not. If you still have single or double glazing anywhere in your home, replace it with HR++ or triple glazing as soon as possible. This saves you so much on energy costs. If you have double glazing, it is a small renovation with a lot of improvement. Do your windows also need to be replaced? Then go for triple glass.

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