Christmas with Beauty Kitchen

The brand Beauty Kitchen has this year some Christmas surprises in store that makes you greedy. The brand is for sale at Holland & Barrett and is 100% natural and effective. If you like to surprise your loved ones with an original gift, look forward to these beauty products with a wink.

Christmas with Beauty Kitchen.

This “The Ultimate Invent Your Own Beauty Products Kit”, contains a recipe booklet and everything you need to bring your own beauty creatures to life. Create your 100% natural, 100% effective Beauty Kitchen creams, lotions, masks, balsems and more! The recipes guide you step by step through the preparation process. Includes ideas on how to make with fresh ultimate products from your fridge or ingredients from your kitchen cabinet your ultimate personal beauty recipe. In the colorful can, you will also find a selection of bottles, pots and ‘made by me’ labels to personalize your creations. The most beautiful december gift for creative types with a passion for beauty!

Price € 50,00.Sea Horse Plankton Tin

This “Seahorse Plankton #SaveStan Skincare Treasures”, is a gift that gives you a good feeling because you not only donate a great skin care set, but at the same time supports the Seahorse Trust by adopting a seahorse for 4 months (Seahorse Trust membership in the package). Did you know there are 54 species of sea horses? Because most of them are threatened, the Seahorse Trust works hard to protect these beautiful animals from extinction! Seahorse Plankton #SaveStan Skincare Treasures contains three Seahorse Plankton top products for your skin: High Definition Facial Oil (15ml), Everlasting Radiance Moisturizer (50ml) and 5 Minute Miracle Mask (50ml). The Seahorse Trust sends you regular updates about the adopted seaport.

Price € 50,00.Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil

These “Abyssinian Oil Daily Skincare Heroes” are handmade toilet bags containing Abyssinian Oil skin care, made of unique materials! Remaining Tartan dust from the workplace of the oldest Scottish kilt makers in the world.
All toilet bags are unique: no two are the same! In the bag are three top products from the Abyssinian Oil series of Beauty Kitchen: Facial Cleansing Balm, Aroma Facial Concentrate and Facial Moisture Cream (each 50ml) for all
skin types and perfect as a gift for beauty lovers!

Price € 50,00.

The brand Beauty Kitchen is exclusively available at Holland & Barrett and via

What do you think of natural skin care and cosmetics? Let me know XO. 


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