Baldini by TAOASIS essential oils for consumption

The name TAOASIS is a synthesis of the Chinese TAO and the Arabic OASIS and loosely translated means ‘living in harmony with nature’ and that has been the drive and the goal since the company was founded in 1991. TAOASIS stands for 100% completely natural and high-quality essential oils from certified organic or Demeter cultivation. There is nothing in TAOASIS products that does not belong there, so no animal ingredients, no undeclared bee mixtures and no synthetic additives. All products of TAOASIS Natur Duft Manufaktur are sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly.

The raw materials for TAOASIS are fragrant plants whose history is filled with centuries of tradition. Only with years of experience, care and knowledge about the individual plants can essential oils of the highest quality be obtained. To preserve the full range of natural active ingredients, TAOASIS selects only the best and 100% natural essential oils. The quality of these oils starts with the selection of the cultivation partner. The purity and quality of the essential oils is continuously monitored in TAOASIS’s own laboratory.


Whether it’s roses, lavender or lemon, TAOASIS used all the scents of aromatic plants from certified organic or fair worldwide Demeter cultivation. Because trust is good, but TAOASIS does not only want to rely on international certification companies, they regularly visit their cultivation projects and cooperatives in Europe, Asia and Australia in person.


TAOASIS essential oils can be used in many ways: through cream diffusers, scented baths and aromatic massages, soothing steam baths, in the sauna or by using essential oils in cooking and baking. TAOASIS has developed under the BALDINI brand essential oils for consumption to flavor food and drinks. All TAOASIS and BALDINI oils undergo the same strict quality controls and are naturally pure.

The 20 different organic flavors, known as herbs in the kitchen or for tea, are ideal for seasoning and flavoring dressings, desserts and pastries. You can use it to make a refreshing cocktail or mocktail, bake a tasty foccacia bread or give a pasta that little bit more flavor. Or add 1-2 drops of aroma to 1 teaspoon of honey for an aromatic tea infusion.

The aromas can also be used for external use. Mix a few drops with a base oil, such as almond oil, and create a body oil. Or add an aroma to a scent burner and benefit from the aromatherapy properties of the aroma.







TAOASIS and BALDINI by TAOASIS are available at Ecomild also supplies these brands to beauty salons, therapists and (web) shops.

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