Salt Of The Earth natural deodorant

Are you already making the switch to a natural deodorant? A natural deodorant contains no harmful chemicals and is therefore better for your body and environment.

Salt Of The Earth

This brand has a large assortment of natural deodorants. All without Aluminum Chlorohydrate, 100% chemical free, not tested on animals and effective protection against body odor.

Salt of the Earth

No chemicals

A new trend that is reaching more and more people is the use of natural cosmetics. People find it increasingly important to choose products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible and as few chemicals as possible. On average, a woman uses 12 skincare products every day and is exposed to 185 unique chemicals. And in recent decades, exposure to chemicals has only grown (, 2019). It is high time to reduce this number again in 2020! The deodorants of Salt Of The Earth are 100% chemical-free. This means that they don’t contain aluminum chlorohydrate, alcohol, parabens, propellant gases, triclosan, mineral oils and other chemicals.

A healthy start

Salt Of The Earth deodorant contains the natural mineral salt potassium alum, which has been used as a natural deodorant in Asia for centuries. It works by leaving a microscopic layer of mineral salts on the skin. These salts prevent the formation of body odor by bacteria, give a fresh feeling for a long time and don’t clog the pores. In addition, the various scented deodorants contain more than 15 botanical extracts and essential oils. Whether you choose a soft scent such as lavender and vanilla or prefer a fresh one with melon and cucumber, with the deodorants from Salt Of The Earth you are assured of a day without unpleasant odors.

RRP: €6,99 for the Roll-On and €8,49 for the Spray.

Salt Of The Earth is available at Etos, Kruidvat, Jumbo, en de

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