Pupa Cover Cream Concealer

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Recently I bought this concealer of the brand Pupa Milano, the Pupa Cover Cream Concealer.

About the brand Pupathe brand is perhaps not very well-known but it is very professionalPupa Milano is a brand from Italy with a wide range that goes along with the latest trends. Good to know, Pupa Milano is based on natural ingredients, is hypoallergenichas a high pigmentation and color constancy and Pupa Milano doesn’t test on animals. This concealer is the latest in their range and is the successor of the Pupa Magic Concealer. The concealer has nice and creamy texture, gives a good coverage and looks natural.  

Pupa Cover Cream Concealer comes in 4 colors: Pupaconcealer2

  • 001 Light Beige
  • 002 Beige
  • 004 Orange
  • 005 Green

PupaConcealerThe 004 Orange covers the dark circles under the eyes. The 005 Green covers the red blemishes in your face.   Pupa002 I use number 002 Beige. Pupa3My hand is tinted as compared to my face, but now you have a good look on the color of number 002 Beige. foto Fluwelen applicatorWith the velvet applicator the application of the concealer is nice for under the eyes. The concealer dispenses very well, by a turning movement you choose the amount that you let out of the applicator. The Pupa Cover Cream contains vitamin C and E, very good for your skin. The concealer provides medium to high coverage. I am very pleased with this concealer, it covers my imperfections and lines very well. Stays comfortably throughout the day.

Pupa is distributed in 66 countries all over the world.


Did you already knew the brand Pupa? Let me know XO.            


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