Detoxing with Chlorella

Superfood, one will benefit from it and the other thinks it’s nonsense. Personally I like to use chia seeds or hemp seeds in my yogurt with organic muesli in the morning, but what’s perhaps my most important superfood is Chlorella. I take this super powerful detoxifier every morning in pill form after my breakfast to clean my intestines and for more resistance and energy.


detoxing with chlorella

In Japan, where people are generally eating pretty healthy, chlorella is very popular. This green algae cleanse your body of heavy metals such as lead and mercury and is full of vitamins (B-vitamins), minerals (iron and folic acid), fiber, proteins, enzymes and amino acids. It also contains an exceptionally high content of chlorophyll, a natural green leaf pigment which is in all green plants and vegetables, for example, think of spinach, lettuce and pak choi.
Chlorophyll purifies your blood and cleanse your intestines, it acts as a protective layer when for example you’ve eaten red meat. It also contains magnesium which is good for your nervous system and muscles.

Beauty food.

Everyone knows that a healthy and beautiful skin also comes from within. Chlorella is automatically seen as a beauty food because it cleanses your body and purifies your blood, which is automatically great for a healthy and beautiful skin.

Besides cleaning your intestines, chlorella is also good for healthy digestion and supports the healthy bacteria in your intestinal flora.

In what form?

detoxing with chlorella

Chlorella can be bought in powder form which is convenient for your drink, smoothie or yogurt. Note that your drink or smoothie will get a green color.

I use chlorella in pill form, purely because I think this is easy. I use 2 different brands, Bloem and Bonusan, of which I’m sure that they don’t contain placebos and only 100% pure the ingredient without additives.

Bloem Vital Green Chlorella is available at Holland & Barrett (before De Tuinen) for € 14,99 (200 tablets). Or at for € 12,80 (200 tablets). 

Bonusan Chlorella is available at for € 14,65 (60 capsules). 


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