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Last year I was at a press event where they already told that in mid-May 2020 the newest Pupa Vamp! mascara would come out, the Pupa Vamp! Sexy Lashes. I received this mascara a while ago and I’m super excited about it. In addition to this great mascara, I got 2 new sexy Pupa products, the Sexy Lips and the Sexy Cheeks. I would like to tell you more about it.

Pupa Vamp! Sexy Lashes

Pupa Vamp! Sexy Lashes

Why I was so looking forward to this Pupa Vamp! Sexy Lashes mascara is because this mascara makes an eyelash curler unnecessary. The mascara not only gives volume but lift and also curls the lashes. The mascara takes on the challenge with gravity and provides mega sexy lashes that last all day.

Now I was already a fan of the Pupa Vamp! mascaras, because they are all suitable for contact lens wearers, like me. For me, a mascara must be easy to build up in multiple layers without clumping, and it does that perfectly.

Challenging volume

The perfect blend of natural waxes – organically certified beeswax and carnauba wax – gives an immediate full and voluminous effect without feeling heavy.

Curled lashes

The innovative silicone elastomers enhance the curling effect in an unprecedented way and give the lashes a sensual look.

Perfect hold

The special filming ingredients ensure that the eyelashes are curled all day without lumps or smudging.

Absolute comfort

The creamy texture is enriched with organic sea butter. This nourishing ingredient envelops the lashes without weighing them down leaving them supple and flexible.

Make-up resultPupa Vamp! Sexy LashesLift the lashes and give volume and curl. The lashes look particularly full and emphasized because they have beautiful curls and a dangerously sexy silhouette!

RRP: € 19,95


Pupa Sexy lips & cheeks

Pupa Sexy lips & cheeks

The trend of full lips and cheeks continues in 2020. Many women don’t want to go for surgery or injections, so Pupa Milano has developed a collection of products that respond perfectly to this: SEXY LIPS & CHEEKS. A mix of products that can be used in the daily routine and that have a surprisingly filling effect. For full lips and beautiful cheekbones.


Texture and formula

The formula envelops the lips in a natural way so that the lips feel comfortable and immediately feel as if they have more volume. The cosmetic lip filling effect of Volufiline promotes the natural accumulation of lipids in the fat cells and fills the micro wrinkles of the lip contour for a better definition. The action of the low molecular hyaluronic acid helps the lips to regain hydration and volume.

The result

The lips are voluminous and the micro wrinkles of the lip contour are smooth and minimized.

RRP: € 18,95


Texture and formula

Sexy Cheeks Volumizing 3D is a very lightweight serum with a super fine texture. The cosmetic lipo-filling effect of Volufiline promotes the natural accumulation of lipids in the fat cells, causing a visible increase in the volume of the subcutaneous fat layer, filling the cheekbones and gradually being formed again. This product can be used as a treatment or as a make-up base. Enriched with fine pearls that reflect the light, creating a beautiful 3D effect.

The result

The cheeks are nicely shaped and filled, the skin glows and the face looks younger and better shaped.

Note; with the Sexy Lips and the Sexy Cheeks it is recommended to use them twice a day for at least 8 weeks before you see results and volume.

RRP: € 18,95

This new collection of Pupa Milano is available from mid-May at

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.


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