Less Plastic with Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bars are very popular at the moment and you don’t waste any plastic. Less plastic with a Shampoo Bar, in addition, you use less water and a Shampoo Bar comes in recyclable packaging.

More than 400 million tons of plastic are now produced worldwide (source: Plastic Soup Foundation). More than a third of that consists of packaging and that really isn’t just water bottles. Our shampoo and conditioner bottles are also part of this.

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

A Shampoo Bar is also called a hair soap, it is a shampoo as you are used to, but in a sustainable version. Because a regular shampoo consists of approximately 80% water and is liquid, it is packed in a plastic bottle. On the other hand, a bar has a fixed shape, which means that little packaging material is needed and you save a lot of plastic. With one Bar you save about 3 plastic shampoo bottles. In addition, the Bars are natural and therefore better for your hair and the environment. There is a Bar for every hair type, for example a Shampoo Bar for a dry scalp. There are also Conditioner Bars if your hair needs it.


Shampoo Bar

It may seem like getting used to and washing your hair in a completely different way. In fact, it just works exactly the same. I thought it would be a bit clumsy and it wouldn’t foam. The opposite is true. The bar is very pleasant to use and you have a good grip. Because I dye my hair and therefore feel dry quickly, I chose the Vanille Shampoo Bar. As the name suggests this Bar smells delicious and I am pleasantly surprised how my hair falls and feels after use.

First I wet my hair completely in the shower, then I rub my entire roots with the bar. It starts foaming right away and it feels very nourishing while I wash my hair. After rinsing my hair feels clean and soft.

When you’re done, you can store the Bar in a special can or a bamboo soap dish, where it can dry.

A Shampoo Bar is 60 grams and this is good for about 80 washes. The price is € 7.95.

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This blog post contains products that I received.


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