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NONON Make-Up is No Nonsense cosmetics, no fuss and as natural as possible. The brand has mineral make-up and organic facial care. It’s the first time that I’ve tested this brand, and I’m an immediate fan. That’s why you’ll find a Giveaway at the end of this blog post, where you can win fantastic products. Everyone should give this pure make-up a try.



NONON mineral make-up is 100% natural and therefore hypoallergenic. The brand doesn’t add dyes or chemicals to their products. Good news for the sensitive skins among us, as there is little chance of an allergic reaction.

In addition, NONON make-up feels very light on the skin because it works with minerals. At the same time, it offers protection against UV radiation and has a disinfecting effect.

NONON only uses:

  • Iron Oxide: Used as a natural colorant.
  • Titanium dioxide: protects against harmful UV radiation.
  • Zinc oxide: protects against UV radiation and also disinfects the skin. It protects the skin against irritation, skin soothing and softening properties.
  • Mica: has a shiny effect and also ensures a beautiful soft skin.
  • Finally, NONON also uses the coloring power of nature: ultramarine blue (CI77007), ultramarine violet (CI770070), ultramarine pink (CI77007) and chromium oxide green (CI77288).

The productsNONON Make-Up

The Primer BO gives your skin a flawless base. The fine mineral powder refines your pores and makes your skin beautifully matte.NONON Make-Up

There is a good covering Concealer for every problem. NONON offers concealers to camouflage redness, concealers to eliminate pimples and rosacea and concealers for tired skin.. NONON Make-Up

The mineral Foundation comes in 9 different colors. All of them give a natural result without harmful substances. The result is anything but “powdery”, it blends nicely with your skin and gives a natural look. All NONON Foundations contain a natural SPF 15 sun protection.NONON Make-Up

The organic Blush gives a fresh, healthy and above all natural look to the face. In total there are no less than 5 different shades available.NONON Make-Up

The pure mineral Highlighter comes in 3 variants and is suitable for every skin tone. Very suitable for accentuating under the eyebrows and on the cheekbones. NONON Make-Up

The mineral Eyeshadow is gentle on sensitive eyelids. Available in 19 different colors, from beautiful natural with subtle shades to dark warm shades that you can even use an eyeliner.

NONON Make-UpWith the NONON Kabuki brush you apply the primer and foundation. With the super soft powder brush and short synthetic hairs you can apply your foundation very precisely. 


As I said, NONON has organic facial care in addition to mineral make-up. Besides testing the great make-up, I also got to test this serum. Ideal for dry skin, but other skin types also benefit from this powerful serum. Nourishes the skin intensely and ensures that moisture is better retained by the skin. A few drops at a time is enough.



I had never applied primer, concealer, foundation, blush and highlighter in loose powder form to my skin. Powders always settle into your fine lines, but not this one! It melts together with your skin. It feels so light on the skin, it’s like you have nothing on.

The primer gives a nice smooth and matte skin. The concealers make discolourations disappear like snow in the sun, and fine lines are not accentuated. The foundation has a very nice coverage but still looks natural. The blush and highlighter are great in terms of pigment. To be honest, I don’t like to use a highlighter, until now, this one is so beautiful and I even think it is beautiful for daily use. I had already used eyeshadow in a loose powder form, these from NONON are very well pigmented, you only need a little product.



Then now the GIVEAWAY! What exactly can you win and what should you do?

  • Primer
  • Foundation (choice of 9 colors)
  • Kabuki brush
  • 2 colors concealers of your choice
  • Blush (choice of 5 colors)
  • Blush brush
  • Eyeshadow (choice of 19 colors)
  • Eyeshadow brush of your choice
  • Highlighter (choice of 3 colors)
  • Highlighter brush

The winner may choose the colors herself, but may also be advised by the NONON team.

What should you do?

  • Follow us on Instagram: friedaluth and NONON Make-Up
  • Like the photo with the GIVEAWAY on my account
  • Tag a makeup lover
  • Only Public accounts can participate
  • Only for the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Giveaway ends on Friday, October 23 and the winner will be announced on my Instagram Stories.

All products from NONON are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and vegan. For more products and information, please visit

This blog post contains products that I received..


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