Dry hands since the Corona outbreak? You can prevent this with these products

Given my “light” form of OCD, I have always washed my hands very often a day. Probably too often. I’m always aware when I touch something that I know many people have already touched. Think of escalators, money, door handles and ATMs.

Corona outbreak

At the moment, the whole world is in the horror called Corona. In our small country we still have to reach the peak and the road will be long before we have defeated this virus.

An important measure that we can take ourselves to prevent the virus from spreading is washing and disinfecting your hands. A measure that is easy to follow for all of us. The only drawback is that your hands can feel very dry.

When you often wash or disinfect your hands, the natural oils are removed from your skin. By taking good care of your hands during washing and especially after washing, the skin remains healthy and supple.

Beauty Kitchen Organic Vegan Hand Wash

Beauty Kitchen organic vegan hand wash

Let’s start with a mild hand wash. You probably want to wash your hands with an aggressive soap since the corona outbreak. But that is really not necessary. This vegan hand wash from Beauty Kitchen is available in 4 variants. All 4 are packed with ingredients that are gentle on your skin. With organic coconut oil and sunflower oil, your hands will become silky and clean.

300ml € 8,99 (second product 50% discount)

Annemarie Börlind Hand Balm

Annemarie Borlind hand balm

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, our press trip to the Spa of Annemarie Börlind was canceled. Hopefully we can plan this in the near future and soon I will make a separate blog post about this beautiful brand. This non-greasy hand balm gprovides intensive care to stressed hands and nails. Moisturizing, nourishing and soothing.

50ml € 7,08 

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 

The Body Shop Hemp

This bestseller from The Body Shop makes even the driest hands soft and supple again. The nourishing hand cream contains hemp oil that provides intensive hydration. The cream absorbs quickly, doesn’t stick and you only need a little bit at a time.

100ml € 13,00 (with 2 products 20% discount)

Alessandro Hydrating Nice Day Handlotion

Alessandro Nice Day

This handlotion bfight the signs of aging, something that is very quickly visible on your hands. Anti-aging with the Pearl Protein Extract, rich in macadamia oil and Aloe Vera.

100ml € 14,37

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.



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