Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer

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Full lips are a trend, think of the popular full lips of Kylie Jenner. Now is the threshold for lip fillers for most of us pretty high but fortunately there are also other ways to make your lips appear fuller. The brand Doctor Manuka Doctor responded useful to this Pouty Lips trend by developing a lip product that moisturizes your lips but also makes them fuller. The secret of Manuka Doctor? Bee Venom.

Manuka Doctor is the first brand that has developed a skincare line with purified bee venom. Purified bee venom has healing benefits that helps with various skin problems such as acne and signs of aging. For clarity; the brand is 100% bee friendly throughout the process. Kourtney Kardashian is ambassador of Doctor Manuka and that certainly isn’t any random cooperation because Kourtney finds skincare that’s only using natural ingredients important.

Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer

Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer.

Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer

Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer contains bee venom which provides fuller lips and gives a tingling effect. It contains in addition to purified bee venom also Manuka honey in order to stimulate the natural collagen of the lips. The trick is that your skin thinks it’s stung so the collagen production gets stimulated.

Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer

The lip enhancer comes in a squeezable tube. The formula is a clear thin gloss that smells fresh to peppermint.


Almost immediately after application you feel your lips tingle for several minutes which in itself gives a feeling of fuller lips. The more you use the lip enhancer during the day the more intense is the effect. The intense hydration is great and your lips are feeling soft all day. The product feels like a kind of nourishing oil on your lips and is therefore ideal to use under your favorite liquid lipstick. I feel that my lips are a little more plumped and I find the gloss effect very beautiful. Every time you just need a little product so with the content of 15ml you can do a long time.

Doctor Manuka Lip Enhancer is available at for $ 19,00 (15ml). Or at

What do you think of the fuller lips trend? Let me know XO.


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