Checklist for the perfect motorcycle holiday

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As a motorcyclist, it probably starts to itch again now that it will be spring again in a few months. Perhaps you are planning a motorcycle holiday soon, with a group or alone. What are you taking with you and how are you going to take it with you? When you go out with the motorcycle, you have to think carefully about the things you want to take with you. A motorcycle simply does not offer much storage space. In this blog you will find a checklist for the perfect motorcycle holiday.

Motorcycle clothing

Good motorcycle clothing is important for your safety, you are vulnerable and with the right motorcycle clothing you protect yourself well. In addition to safety, it is also useful to take temperature differences into account. If you start in the usually fresh Netherlands but you want to end up in Italy or Spain, you will undoubtedly have to deal with temperature differences along the way. So think in layers. For example, a motorcycle jacket with a removable rain or heat liner.

Motorcycle shoes

Good protection on the motorcycle naturally includes motorcycle shoes. In principle, 1 pair should be enough, a second pair also takes up a lot of space. Today’s casual motorcycle shoes are usually waterproof and indistinguishable from the “normal” shoe.


With a motorcycle backpack you can safely take a lot of stuff with you. There are sturdy and robust bags, made of weather-resistant materials. The better motorcycle backpacks distribute the weight so that not all the weight is on your shoulders and have a soft-feel back panel so you barely feel the bag while riding.

Two pairs of gloves

What is useful to take two pairs of these are gloves. This hardly takes up any space and it is nice to be able to change gloves when you end up in different weather conditions.

For the engine

It is always smart to have some tools and engine oil with you. You hope you don’t need it, but it’s a nice idea to have it with you. Also think of spare lights and a bottle with funnel for petrol.

Necessary papers

Registration certificate, driver’s license and your health insurance card are in your wallet. Keep your claim form and your insurance papers in a waterproof travel bag. Suppose the navigation on your motorcycle fails, it is useful to have a map with you. As a motorcyclist you don’t want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, but you like to discover beautiful roads.


Whether you’re driving from hotel to hotel or camping en route, a motorcycle holiday is an adventure in itself. Get off for beautiful sights and nature, have lunch on a terrace and drink coffee in small villages.

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