Design and well-being with Magnetox jewelry

Jewelry with a beautiful design and designed to stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body. Highest quality healing jewelry whose powerful effects are attributed to magnetic therapy. Design and well-being with Magnetox jewelry.

For me personally, Magnetox jewelry is very interesting because it can relieve pain. After removing my leaking breast implants, there were still silicones in my lymph nodes, of which 1 large lump in my left armpit, I have pain from this almost daily. 2 lymph nodes with silicone still need to be removed, but unfortunately I have no idea when I can have surgery because of the backlog due to Corona. Recently I came into contact with Magnetox Jewelry and after consultation about my situation, we decided that I will see what a healing bracelet can do for my complaints. At the time of writing this article I can’t say much about it because I have the bracelet on it for a few days. I will give an update on this later.

Magnetic Force Fields

I must confess that I never really looked into magnetic force fields and the benefits you can get from them, until my father started wearing a bracelet with magnetic stones for his daily migraines. Long story short, he went from 8 aspirins a day (as long as I can remember) to 0 aspirins a day. That does make you think.

According to ancient traditions, it is possible that magnetism contributes to the general well-being of humans, thanks to its energy conduction. These magnetic force fields are contained in Magnetox’s unique jewelry. The strength of magnets is expressed in Gauss and Magnetox jewelry is equipped with magnets between 2000 – 3500 Gauss. I started wearing the bracelet to relieve physical complaints and pain, but the Magnetox bracelet can also help with non-physical conditions such as anxiety and stress.




Magnetox jewelry has powerful magnets on the inside of the jewelry. In addition to bracelets, they also have necklaces, earrings and rings in their collection. The magnetic therapy in a bracelet revolves around the arteries in the wrist. The magnetic field improves blood circulation and attracts iron particles in hemoglobin – a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. The bracelet comes with a shortening set, with which you can easily remove links from the bracelet, so that the bracelet fits perfectly on your wrist.

In addition to the benefits that the jewelry can give when restoring your body, I also think the bracelet is beautiful to wear. Pictured is the “Bohdi” bracelet in rose gold, made of high quality stainless steel. The bracelet comes in 1 size and comes with a shortening set. I myself have removed 2 links, there could be another one, but I personally think it is nice if there is still a little movement in the bracelet.

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XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.


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