4 tips for traveling in Corona time

When booking a holiday, the anticipation often starts, but since the pandemic, extra things have been added that you have to pay attention to when you want to travel. The measures regarding Corona differ per country and can be very different in your holiday country than in the Netherlands, so here are a few tips for traveling in Corona time. Booking your holiday and traveling during this time requires just a little extra preparation, do you have to be fully vaccinated? Do you have to be tested on the outward and return journey? Do you have to quarantine when you get home? Do you get your money back if you want to cancel your trip?

Traveling in Corona time

  1. Check the measures in your holiday country. Check the above carefully with your travel provider before you book the trip and also check this just before you leave. In addition, you also want to know whether wearing face masks is mandatory and whether certain companies are closed, such as restaurants, cafes, amusement parks and museums.
  2. Book a last minute. To be able to properly estimate the situation in your holiday country, it is wise to book a last minute. Sometimes the situation in the country you would like to go to is still uncertain, check in advance whether you can cancel or rebook for free with your travel provider when the country switches to code orange or red, for example.
  3. Check with your insurer what you are entitled to. Before you book, it is wise to check your travel and cancellation insurance, but also your health insurance. What is covered? What is reimbursed? If you still want to travel to a country with code orange, not all insurers offer coverage. What if the travel advice changes in the country where you are on holiday. Do you have to return to stay insured?
  4. Enjoy! This is of course the most valuable tip I can give you. Don’t let the measures deter you and book that holiday. My motto has also remained unchanged in this time, live life to the fullest! You may find it nice at this time to only look at a cheap holiday, for example a multi-day city trip or an all-inclusive with the whole family. Offer enough!

XO Frieda

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