CATRICE Update Fall Winter 2019

Inspired by the fashion capitals of the world, CATRICE launches its beauty news with a focus on trend themes for the fall / winter season. Celebrate your individuality, attract attention and bring out your inner makeup artist.

The statement items from VISUAL WOW & EFFECTS make this all possible. CLEAN BEAUTY is not so much a trend, but more a movement – that is how this line presents itself. More and more consumers are looking for more natural and pure cosmetic products. Less is more. What is also part of the current spirit of the times is the desire for time-saving but no less effective products. – ULTRA PERFORMANCE therefore consists of long-lasting beauty aids that are easy to use. With all the hustle and bustle in our lives we want multi-talents in the bathroom. That is why the COLOR & CARE trend offers products that combine multiple features and benefits in a single product.



Those who want to make a statement with her look nowadays have to delve deeper into the “bag of tricks”. Especially those who stand out with their own creativity and unique style are assured of likes and wows on
Instagram & co. And that is why these must-have innovations
let it shine with crystal and metallic effects, volume on the
lips or eyebrows – and other special effects.

These pallets not only ensure a great glow, but also the packaging looks like a designer piece. Two highlighters and a blush or bronzer and an integrated mirror create together the perfect palette; the ideal beauty product for women “on the go “. RRP € 6.99

Catrice Luminice Highlight & Blush Glow Palette 010_Image_Front View Half Open_png

010 Rose Vibes Only

Catrice Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette 020_Image_Front View Half Open_png

020 Feel Gold

This multi-colored blush provides you with a beautiful, subtle glow for a radiantly fresh skin. Three different shades in an exciting pattern with two
different color combinations; the perfect beauty product for a beautiful shine on the cheeks. RRP € 3.59

Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 010_Image_Front View Half Open_png

010 Dolce VitaCatrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 020_Image_Front View Half Open_png020 It’s wine o’clock


This is the time of the false eyelashes! The bigger the eyelashes, the more glamorous the makeup. The well-known Lash Couture line has been expanded with four new variants for every taste and occasion. The Dramatica Smokey Lashes are fuller at the outer lashes for a better Smokey Eyes effect. Give the #InstaExtreme Volume Lashes length and volume – for superselfies and cool Instastories. The Classicista Volume Lashes have a natural look and give that extra bit to your own lashes. The Naturalista Volume Lashes create irresistible length and give natural lashes a boost. The curved and transparent eyelashes make applying super easy. Including eyelash glue. RRP € 3.99

Catrice Lash Couture Classicista Volume Lashes_Image_Front View Closed_png

Classicista Volume Lashes

Catrice Lash Couture Dramatica Smokey Lashes_Image_Front View Closed_png

Dramatica Smokey LashesCatrice Lash Couture InstaExtreme Volume Lashes_Image_Front View Closed_png

InstaExtreme Volume Lashes Catrice Lash Couture Naturalista Volume Lashes_Image_Front View Closed_png

Naturalista Voluma Lashes


Brows on fleek! This pen accurately fills small spaces with thin, hair-like lines. The sharp, three-pointed tip makes application easy and makes the result look natural. The successor to the Brow Comb Designer Pro has an improved texture and point. The new line contains five shades to match the different eyebrow colors even better. RRP € 3.59Catrice Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen 010_Image_Front View Closed_png

010 Ash BlondeCatrice Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen 020_Image_Front View Closed_png

020 Soft BrownCatrice Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen 030_Image_Front View Closed_png

030 Medium BrownCatrice Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen 040_Image_Front View Closed_png

040 Dark BrownCatrice Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen 050_Image_Front View Closed_png

050 Granite


CRYSTALLIZED EYESHADOW PALETTE #catricexcrystals! Crystal is the newest trend in the beauty world. The stones have different properties and all have their own strength – just like these two new eye shadow palettes. The amethyst-inspired palette symbolizes inner strength, courage and success and encourages you to reinforce your look and achieve professional make-up goals. The palette inspired by rose quartz symbolizes the mystery of friendship and love – the message is “Share your best stories!” To reveal your creativity as a passionate makeup artist. Each palette contains ten highly pigmented, soft-melting metallic colors and creamy, matte tones that together provide a powerful result. RRP € 9.89

Catrice Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette 010_Image_Front View Half Open_png

010 Raise Up Your Voice

Catrice Crystallized Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette 010_Image_Front View Half Open_png

010 Sister Of My Soul


THE SPICY RUST COLLECTION EYESHADOW PALETTE The color update that everyone was waiting for: the Bestseller Collection has a new family member. With warm colors and a mix of metallic, mother-of-pearl and matte finishes, it is easy to create different looks. The highly pigmented trend colors are inspired by spicy, exotic herbs. The palette consists of nine shades that can be harmoniously combined. RRP € 4.99

Catrice The Spicy Rust Collection Eyeshadow Palette 010_Image_Front View Closed_png

010 What Chai Sayin?


DEMI MATT LIPSTICK The perfect match: a combination of the most comfortable feel-good formula and a matte finish. A sensual semi-matte lipstick that glides effortlessly over the lips like a balm. The long-lasting lipstick combines ultimate coverage with an extremely light feeling on the lips. The formula is enriched with avocado and olive oil and offers an accessible color palette from red and pink to nude. The lipstick has a new CATRICE designer packaging. RRP € 3.99Catrice Demi Matt Lipstick 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png010 Warm SandstoneCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 020_Image_Front View Full Open_png020 Most Flattering Petal PinkCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 030_Image_Front View Full Open_png030 Coffee, MATTmoiselle?Catrice Demi Matt Lipstick 040_Image_Front View Full Open_png040 Exotic NudeCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 050_Image_Front View Full Open_png050 Boss Up!Catrice Demi Matt Lipstick 060_Image_Front View Full Open_png

060 Rouge LàlàCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 070_Image_Front View Full Open_png070 From Rose With LoveCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 080_Image_Front View Full Open_png

080 Reckless LoveCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 090_Image_Front View Full Open_png

090 Forbidden MauveCatrice Demi Matt Lipstick 100_Image_Front View Full Open_png100 Nude Crush Everyday


What do you think about adding a bit of glamor to your nails? This new line of effect lacquers gives beauty addicts the opportunity to create beautiful nails with a luxurious shimmering effect. The line consists of eight colors with two different effects – color on color and multi-colored with gold, all with a slightly reflective and glossy finish. Thanks to the fan-shaped brush, the lacquer is easy to apply, with two thin layers giving complete coverage. RRP € 3.59Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 01_Image_Front View Closed_png (1)01 Attracting PompCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 02_Image_Front View Closed_png02 Fascinating GraceCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 03_Image_Front View Closed_png03 Magical AllureCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 04_Image_Front View Closed_png04 Secret AdorationCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 05_Image_Front View Closed_png05 Magnificent FeastCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 06_Image_Front View Closed_png06 Splendid AtmosphereCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 07_Image_Front View Closed_png07 Lustrous SeductionCatrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 08_Image_Front View Closed_png08 Noble Poshness


Go for gold! The expansion of this line involves powerful gold effects. The high-gloss lip gloss with light to medium coverage and creamy texture has a visible plumping effect and creates a glamorous mother-of-pearl effect. And also longlasting and not sticky either. For maximum sparkle! RRP € 3.99

Catrice Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss 090_Image_Front View Closed_jpg090 Golden Zircon

Catrice Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss 100_Image_Front View Closed_jpg100 Glowing Tourmaline

Catrice Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss 110_Image_Front View Closed_jpg110 Shiny Garnet

100% unique! This lip balm intensifies the natural color of the lips and gives them a subtle pink tint – depending on the individual pH value of the lips. The subtle golden pearls create a radiant glow on the lips – for wearable looks with just that little bit extra. RRP € 4.99Catrice Lip Glow Glamourizer 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png010 One Gold Fits All

A warm welcome for the newest family member in the CATRICE Top Coat line: the NEOPRENE MATT Top Coat! Once applied to painted nails, this product has a semi-matte soft touch finish. The milky, transparent and quick-drying formula is vegan and long-lasting. The fan-shaped brush makes application super easy.
Adviesprijs € 2,99Catrice Neoprene Matt Top Coat_Image_Front View Closed_png



Meet the new CLEAN ID line! A line that consists of beautiful
beauty products, as eco-friendly as possible, with a maximum percentage of natural ingredients. The products are free from parabens, silicones, microplastics, mineral oils, pure palm oil, exotic ingredients, camphor, fragrance allergens and synthetic plastics – true to the motto “everything you need and nothing else”. Of course the products – like all CATRICE products – are cruelty free and animal proof free. And they are 100% vegan. The packaging is made of cardboard and recycled materials, with the least possible use of plastic.

NAIL OIL The perfect product to give your nails and cuticles a small spa treatment at home or on the road. The oil consists of 98% natural ingredients such as monoi- and coconut oil and has a pleasant odor. The non-sticky formula is extremely rich and vegan and can be used on both painted and non-painted nails. RRP € 3.59

Catrice Nail Oil_Image_Front View Full Open_png


CLEAN ID – EYESHADOW PALETTE The Clean ID Eyeshadow Palette contains 80% natural ingredients. The four accessible colors of pink, terracotta, bronze and dark brown can be combined in several ways. With three glossy mother-of-pearl hues and a matte, it is easy to create a beautiful look every day. The handy travel format makes the palette ideal to carry in your handbag. RRP € 5.99Catrice Clean ID Eyeshadow Palette 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010 Clean Transparancy

CLEAN ID – MINERAL SWIRL HIGHLIGHTER This multi-colored baked mineral powder in two different color variations – gold bronze and rosé – ensures a natural, healthy shine. The soft touch formula with 96% natural ingredients fits perfectly in the eco-friendly Clean ID line. RRP € 5.59Catrice Clean ID Mineral Swirl Highlighter 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010  Silver RoseCatrice Clean ID Mineral Swirl Highlighter 020_Image_Front View Full Open_png

020 Gold


CLEAN ID – MINERAL BRONZER SPF A feel-good product for the skin. The pressed texture is talc-free and made from 90% natural ingredients. The powder gives the skin a velvety soft touch feeling. It is the first CATRICE bronzer with SPF 15. And most important: it gives your face a beautiful sunkissed look. RRP € 4.99

010 Light/Medium

020 Medium/Dark 


CLEAN ID – LIP BALM Pamper your lips! The best you can wear on your lips is a caring product with carefully selected ingredients such as oils and butters. The new lip balm contains 98% natural macadamia and cocoa butter. These “natural beauties” make the lip balm extra nourishing, hydrating and revitalizing. The transparent texture melts on the lips and provides a wonderfully caring feeling and soft lips. The paper packaging contributes to the sustainable aspect of the vegan Clean ID line. RRP € 3.99

010 Clean Transparancy



There are days when we have limited time in the morning and therefore choose our favorite and trusted makeup products instead of experimenting extensively. And in addition to being quick, accurate and easy to apply, it is also essential that the products that have to keep up with our daily routine 24 hours a day, are long-lasting.

GLAM & DOLL LASH COLORIST SEMI-PERMANENT VOLUME MASCARA Although unmistakably spectacular, volume and length are only additional benefits of the new Glam & Doll Mascara: the most important talent is the semi-permanent color effect that make, thanks to the innovative formula, the eyelashes after two weeks daily use darker. * An ultra-accurate elastomer brush gives volume and perfectly defines the eyelashes. RRP € 4.99

*study among 30 women after two weeks of daily use.Catrice Glam & Doll Lash Colorist Semi-Permanent Volume Mascara 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010 Ultra Black


CALLIGRAPH PRO PRECISE 24H MATT LINER WATERPROOF 97% agrees *: intense black, accurate and good coverage. Therefore, there is virtually nothing that this professional waterproof liner cannot do. Precise lines are no problem thanks to the ultra-thin tip, the pen glides effortlessly over the eyelid and the matte color lasts for 24 hours. The extremely high color output remains visible even over eye shadow and other make-up. RRP € 3.59 

* Research among 30 women, immediately after application.

Catrice Calligraph Pro Precise 24h Matt Liner Waterproof 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010 Intense Black Waterproof



The new EYEconista line gets a waterproof version. With the same brush as its non-waterproof sister and the lash millionizer texture, this mascara dramatically changes the appearance of the eyelashes. 180% more volume and 24 hours waterproof makes it a true all-rounder. * RRP € 4.99

* Research among 30 women. The eyelash volume is measured by photo analysis after use.

Catrice EYEconista Lash Millionizer Volume Mascara Waterproof 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010 Eye Want It All


BROW PEN PRO SUPERPROOF: This water and sportproof eyebrow product can handle any challenge. The triangular point helps you to apply the wax texture accurately, the narrow, integrated kabuki brush gently blends the color over the eyebrows. RRP € 3.99Catrice Brow Pen Pro 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010 Ash Blonde

Catrice Brow Pen Pro 020_Image_Front View Full Open_png

020 Ash BrownCatrice Brow Pen Pro 030_Image_Front View Full Open_png

030 Warm Brown


INSTANT GLOW HIGHLIGHTER PEN For a clear glance: with the highlighter pen it is easier than ever to apply precise and glossy accents on the eyelids and under the eyebrow. This creamy high performance product is superproof – despite water, perspiration and an active lifestyle, the shine remains! RRP € 3.99

Catrice Instant Glow Highlighter Pen 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png010 Gold Rush

020 Bronzed Delight030 Enraptured Rose


SLIM‘MATIC CAMOUFLAGE STICK For a perfect complexion. The brand-new, super-slim concealer accurately and reliably covers irregularities. Thanks to its slim shape, the stick is perfect for touch-ups on the move, because it fits even in the smallest handbag or pocket. The stick has a high coverage and can also be used for contouring. The water and perspiration proof texture is creamy, soft and comfortable. The range consists of seven different shades. RRP € 3.59

002 Natura

005 Fair Ivory

010 Sand

020 Light Beige

025 Almond

030 Nude Beige

040 Latte Macchiato


3 STEPS TO CONTOUR PALETTE Contouring – simple and easy! Not only professionals, but also beginners can shape and contour with this matte powder palette. The contour color, bronzer and highlighter are universally portable and easy to use. A perfectly contoured look in three steps! RRP € 4.99

010 Allrounder



One + one = three. Because we save valuable time with products that have multiple talents. Care and color? Yes please! Nourishing ingredients and a great glow? Absolutely! When it comes to good qualities, more is definitely more.

PLUMPING LIP MASK WITH HYALURON Say goodbye to rough lips and hello to full, hydrated and soft lips! This lip mask has a glossy pink, rich texture that feels comfortable on the lips. The non-sticky formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid for a plumping effect. The Lip Mask can be used both during the day and at night. The subtle scent during application is a nice extra. RRP € 4.99

Catrice Lip Plumping Mask 010_Image_Front View Closed_png

010 Hydra Boost


TEN!SATIONAL 10 IN 1 DREAM PRIMER #wokeuplikethis. This all-in-one primer combines ten properties in one product. It has been developed for immediate perfection and contains multi-protective properties. The lightweight texture prepares the skin, obscures imperfections and makes the complexion even. Pores are optically reduced and the visibility of wrinkles is softened. This Dream Primer hydrates the skin and gives it a natural shine. Thanks to the active ingredients and SPF 15 primer also protects against pollution and free radicals.* RRP € 5.99 

*Research among 30 women after 28 days of use.Catrice Ten!sational 10 in 1 Dream Primer_Image_Front View Closed_png

GLOW & CARE PRIMER A radiant shine and care thanks to one product. This multi-talented primer contains a superfood complex with goji, acai and pomegranate oil. It moisturizes the skin and visibly reduces pores. The liquid, soft texture has a fresh scent and works with a pipette. With just a few drops you create a beautiful, satiny glow. RRP € 5.59Catrice Glow & Care Primer 010_Image_Front View Closed_png

GLAM & DOLL VOLUME & DEFINITION MASCARA The Glam & Doll family is being expanded! The mascara defines and separates the eyelashes for a sleek look. The non-smudging texture with castor oil is long-lasting and with the super-soft brush you can gradually build up the volume. RRP € 3.99Catrice Glam & Doll Volume & Definition Mascara 010_Image_Front View Full Open_png

010 Black

IRON STRENGTH HARDENING NAIL POLISH This innovative and vegan nail polish line strengthens nails with the help of powerful minerals. The mineral complex contains zinc, magnesium, silicon, iron and copper. 82% of consumers confirm that their nails were harder and less fragile after just 1 week! * How do you use it? Apply two thin coats, carefully remove after three or four days and reapply. Do this treatment at least once a week. RRP € 3.59

*Self-evaluation among 50 women when used twice a week.

Catrice Iron Strength Hardening Nail Polish 01_Image_Front View Closed_png

01 Crystal White

02 Holey Topaz

03 Lovely Rose Quartz

04 Lucky Smaragd

05 Amber Light

06 Smokey Quartz

07 Hypnotize Amethyst


XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.



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