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When you work for yourself, it is important to have your accounting in order. Unfortunately, this is a job that we prefer to postpone and I am certainly no exception. Where things often go wrong is the lack of knowledge to properly perform the accounting. As an entrepreneur you are specialized in your field, the administration is often not the priority and is something that is often done in between. Maybe you made your dream come true with a thriving webshop, you follow your passion and the invoices you can send are nice, but the rest around it is often a struggle. Yet it is an important part of your business that you cannot ignore. It is therefore important to have your accounting in order, it provides overview and peace of mind. Fortunately, there is now an accounting program that can help you with that. With Jortt you can finish your bookkeeping in 10 minutes a month and your entire administration is in order. We call that accounting with a smile.

Accounting with

Jortt’s accounting program processes and checks your administration and also provides proactive tax advice. With this accounting program you can process your administration quickly, efficiently and easily. Without complicated terms you see a complete financial overview, made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Everything is fully automated and of course according to the rules of the Tax Authorities and the Chamber of Commerce. Think of converting a quote to an invoice, time registration, linking to your bank account, the balance sheet, your expenses, the VAT return, debits, and not unimportantly the profit and loss account. The preparation of the year-end closing is then done automatically.

Good accounting

Having good, structured and correct accounting means that you keep your accounting records. Jortt makes this job easy for you every month so that you don’t have to deal with a gigantic mountain of administration every time at the end of the quarter or year-end. Keeping your bookkeeping online has the advantage that nothing is missing in your administration, with a paper administration you quickly lose the overview.


At Jortt you can choose from different subscriptions, from a free subscription to the most extensive subscription of € 34.50 per month. Jortt provides all the information you need in understandable language, without long lists of figures, but with clear graphs and images.


If you have been hesitating for a while to sell your products and/or services through your own webshop, you can easily create a webshop at Jortt, start up quickly and without risk. An affordable way to set up a professional webshop in a simple way. Your accounting is always up-to-date via the linked accounting program. Think of stock management so that no one is faced with surprises and the availability of a product is always transparent. Thanks to integrations of the well-known shipping services, you can easily send and track products from your webshop.


The administration and I have never been good friends and for me it was always a job that I put off until the very last minute. This made it a day job that I had to struggle myself through. With an accounting program such as Jortt’s, bookkeeping and keeping your administration is almost fun. I say almost because it’s just not my thing, but at least it’s a lot more enjoyable to do now. What I also think is a big plus is that you will find real-time information about the amount of VAT that you will have to pay, so you will not be faced with any surprises and you will know where you stand well in advance.

XO Frieda

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