Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara

BIGGER, BADDER volumizing mascara. The latest mascara from Benefit Cosmetics promises a dramatic volume. The Bad Gal BANG Mascara is pretty hyped and during the launch there were 32 big influencers present, all of which were flown to a luxury resort in Utah.

Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara.

Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara

I bought the mascara at Sephora in America, where I got a mini mascara (4.0g) for free when I bought the standard mascara (8.5g).

Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara

What it is: A water-resistant mascara that gives a lot of volume without weighing the eyelashes. The lifting effect lasts up to 36 hours without staining. The mascara contains provitamin B5 for fuller and stronger eyelashes. The packaging is pretty cool, with studs on the cap.
Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara

With the Big Slimpact Brush you easily reach all hairs, even the smallest hairs.

Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara

The Benefit’s BAD Gal BANG Volumizing Mascara has an outer space concept because the formula contains weightless air particles that are derived from space technology.


Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara

I love this kind of brushes, allows you to create lots of volume from roots to end. Volume? Yes! A lot of volume even, the mascara also gives full lashes after just one layer. Benefit claims that the mascara is easy to build in several layers, but then you have to love the familiar spider lashes. Two layers is really the max for me, otherwise the lashes will stick together. After two layers you have mega eyelashes with a false-lash effect. Smudge-proof? Nope, and certainly not 36 hours (as if you would test that). Unfortunately, I’ve a problem with a mascara going to smudge just under my eyebrow very quickly and so it’s the case with this mascara. I think that’s a shame. The color is deep black, as far as I’m concerned the perfect color for your eyelashes.

The Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara is available at for $ 24.00.

XO, Frieda.


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